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15 Curious Quack Remedies From The Age Of Patent Medicine

Bloodletting, purging, leeching, and all sorts of wacky medical interventions were popular in the 19th century along with these 15 Curious Quack Remedies From The Age Of Patent Medicine.

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What Happened On September 13

They say that to understand where we are going we have to consider where we’ve been. So look back on these historical events to know What Happened On September 13.

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Wear Your Patriotism With Pride

Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks. And it seems that since that fateful day in 2001, ‘merica ain’t gettin’ better. Here’s Wear Your Patriotism With Pride. Coffee cheers […]

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We Are Now Living In A New Geological Area

The Working Group, under the management of a team of dedicated British scientists, has confirmed that the Anthropocene age is upon us (even if it’s been that way since the 1940s.) Here’s We Are Now […]

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Secret Celebrity Lovers And Flings You Didn’t Know About

Keeping an under the radar relationship is particularly hard when you’re famous. But surprisingly some of our shiniest stars pulled it off. Check out these Secret Celebrity Lovers And Flings You Didn’t Know About.

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16 Bizarre Victorian Inventions

The Victorian era was quite interestingly full of all kinds of fascination. The rules were tight, the prosperity was massive, and minds were borderline psychotic. See the proof here with 16 Bizarre Victorian Inventions.

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The Biggest Bets In History

They say that the biggest risks yield the greatest rewards. So when it comes to gambling, take a look back at The Biggest Bets In History and saddle up to the black jack table.

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Map: The Most Common Job In Every State

The Census Bureau collected data for nearly 40 years and published a great illustration of employment through the years and the U.S. Here’s Map: The Most Common Job In Every State.

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Mapping The Empires of History

The rise and fall of empires over time is a great way to predict the future. So check out this great site as it has been Mapping The Empires of History.

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What Happened On August 1st

How much do you know about history? Learn What Happened On August 1st by going to this link!

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