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The 10 Biggest Catches In The World

Creatures of the sea are pretty incredible, especially when they grow to their fullest potential. Imagine the world’s largest sharks, marlins, catfish, alligator gar, squid, lobsters, and crabs and then feast your eyes on this: […]

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Gandhi Quotes

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lead India’s nationalism movement while the country was ruled by Britain. As one of the most prominent and inspirational historical figures, Gandhi supported non-violent civil disobedience and began a world wide revolution […]

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10 Most Devastating Bombing Campaigns of WWII

The story of Nazi Germany’s aggression and the Allied Powers’ subsequent response – in a war that quickly encompassed much of the world map – is a story of power, technology and science. That same […]

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The Epic Failed Predictions For The End Of The World

Doomsdayers have been around for hundreds of years and many believe that life as we know it will end at some point soon. From 2800 B.C. Assyrians to Nostradamus, R.E.M. to Harold Camping, many folks […]

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How Beer Saved The World

Beer has been around giving humanity hope since wwaaayyy bbaccckkk when. As a matter of fact, beer was vital to the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids and a fine accompaniment to other great things. Here’s […]

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The Aging Of A Rock Star

“It’s Hell gettin’ old” (just like my daddy always says.) Nothing takes a toll like gravity and time. We all suffer because if it, including the world’s biggest rock stars. Hard living makes aging worse […]

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Mystery of Hitler’s Deputy’s Death Deepens

In a newly declassified report, the death scene of Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess and his alleged suicide note have been revealed. Newly released pictures show the electrical cord Hess is believed to have hung himself […]

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The 6 Most Baffling Classic Rock Love Songs About Women

Musicians, poets, and most men on the planet have devoted a lot of time musing about women. Some of the songs are pretty concise and others are just plain confusing. Here are The 6 Most […]

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Should We Use LSD To Treat Alcoholism?

The difference between being a drunk and being an alcoholic is apparently whether or not people attend meetings…ba dum dum. In all seriousness, anyone living in the grip of alcoholism likely would try anything to […]

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Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a tradition started during 1981 to honor women’s contributions to society. This year’s theme is “Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment” and celebrates a number of historical and current figures who […]

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