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15 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used To

Words, like people have come far over the years. See how they have evolved to have very different meanings than what they meant when they originated with 15 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used […]

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Why Native Americans Didn’t Wipe Out Europeans With Diseases

When Europeans settled into the Americas, they and the illnesses their robust immune systems carried with them killed nearly 95% of the regions’ Native American populations. Here’s the reverse of that: Why Native Americans Didn’t […]

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11 Desserts That Changed The World

The young and old agree: sometimes dessert is the best thing about a meal. And sometimes dessert makes history. Check out the following 11 Desserts That Changed The World.

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What Medieval Europe Did With Its Teenagers

Be thankful you’re growing up now if you’re a kid. And if you’re an adult be really thankful you were not an adolescent in the 1500s. Read why here with What Medieval Europe Did With […]

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The 25 Best Sports Comedies Ever Made

The only thing better than actual sports events for most sports fans is sports movies. Especially when they are funny. Check out the most awesome movies here with The 25 best Sports Comedies Ever Made.

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Eminem Becomes Second Best-Selling Male Artist

Marshall Bruce Mathers, the real Slim Shady and white boy from Detroit, has ripped to the top of music charts with Monster-ously popular tunes since the 1990s has made history. And we’re pretty happy for […]

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Why Do We Cross Our Fingers For Good Luck?

We do it when we ask the universe for a little extra “oomph” (and we may even do it when we lie but that’s another post). Check out the answer to today’s big question: Why […]

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First Day of Spring Vernal Equinox

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying what may or may not feel like the first day of spring. But as they say until or unless you can squash a whole bunch of […]

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11 Hotels With Exciting Past Lives

If you’ve ever been to Beantown and stayed at the Liberty, you may not have known the place once housed criminals and crazies when it was formerly a jail. Take a look at places all […]

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An “Uplifting” Story of The Bra

Over the shoulder boulder (or pebble) holders have been around for ages. In terms of function, they have helped women (and men) in a number of ways. Check out just how they have done this […]

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