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The Woman Who Stood Between America And An Epidemic of Birth Defects

If you haven’t heard of Frances Oldham, you need to. Her work as a scientist who studied the pituitary gland and reviewer for the FDA during the 1960s helped to save the world as we […]

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The 50 Saddest Songs Of All Time

News of Elton John’s recent hospitalization made me think “Oh NOOOOO! NOT ELTON JOHN,TOO!” (since 2016 claimed so many fabulous and famous lives). So this one is dedicated to the man who gave the world […]

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What Historical Facts Blow Your Mind?

If we look back through time, we can pick out some really mindblowing events, people, and things. So comb through Reddit’s What Historical Facts Blow Your Mind to learn of them!

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How 4/20 Grew Into A Holiday

Happy 4/20! Pack it in, light it up, and elevate! Or just think about it like I do. If you’d like to know the history of every stoners favorite holiday, check out How 4/20 Grew […]

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History of Saint Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day

We all love shamrocks and green beer, pinches and leprechauns, but do we love the back story? Here’s the History of Saint Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day.

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18 Dangerous Toys From History That Are Better Left In The Past

While watching cartoons with my boys, I noticed a new, more modern version of “My Buddy” is now being marketed. And that made me remember all the crazy toys I had as a child and […]

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The Gruesome Bloodsports of Shakespearan England

Ever hear of “baiting?” It seems Englanders during the 16th and 17th centuries found torture a fun way to break the monotony of their lives. Check out The Gruesome Bloodsports of Skaespearan England.

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Happy Presidents Day! A History Lesson About The Holiday

Congratulations, if you are like the rest of us, chances are you’re celebrating a long weekend compliments of honoring the CEO and leader of the USA. Here’s Happy Presidents Day! A History Lesson About The […]

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The Stories Behind The Most Famous Slogans

Brands often have a hook that reels buyers into their product but often the buyers don’t know the backstories of the hooks. Check out The Stories Behind The Most Famous Slogans.

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Very Superstitious: 13 Sailor Superstitions

You’ve surely heard the phrase: “Rough seas make skilled sailors.” But do you know how important the forces of luck are to those with sea vessels? Read more here with Very Superstitious: 13 Sailor Superstitions.

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