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The Oddest Baseball Injuries Ever

“Take me out to the ball game” turns into something entirely else when one thinks about the bumps, nicks, scrapes, and other injuries involved in America’s all time favorite sport. See the collection of The […]

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Unbound: China’s Last ‘Lotus Feet’ – In Pictures

Chinese, like the rest of the world, have a standard of beauty and status of wealth that women often resort to painstaking lengths to maintain. The practice of foot binding thankfully is a waning custom […]

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You Won’t Believe That These 18 Awesome Things Were Actually Invented By Mistake

Guess what! If you, like myself, were an “oopsie” baby, you aren’t the only “Surprise!” creation on the planet! This list of great accidents is just as wonderful as you (and me) are! See You […]

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U.S. Raid In Syria Uncovers Details On ISIS Leadership And Finances

A May 16, 2015 attack on Syria by US officials revealed pertinent information regarding the ISIS terrorist group. Read the details here with U.S. Raid In Syria Uncovers Details On ISIS Leadership And Finances.

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The Art of Fiction No. 21

It’s doubtful that when acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway sat down for a revealing and enlightening interview many, many years ago people today would be inspired. But they are. Read The Art of Fiction No. 21 […]

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Our Ancestors Were Baby Sitters

Evolutionary biologists just completed an interesting study with conclusions which support the “it takes a village” theory in child rearing. It seems our ancient ancestors all took care of the young – even when there […]

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Auschwitz Guard Trial: Oskar Groening Admits ‘Moral Guilt’

Holocaust deniers may want to take a peek at this one: a former SS guard has stepped forward and admitted his role in the horrific mass murder of Jews in Nazi Germany. This is one […]

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This Day In History For 17th April

Over 170 historic events happened today! Look at the line up with This Day In History For 17th April!

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23 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Mad Men,’ According To The Cast And Creator

As with all good things, even the hit, well loved AMC show ‘Mad Men’ is coming to an end. See what you didn’t know about the show with the 23 Things You Probably Didn’t Know […]

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31 Badass Women Born In March

Of all the women in the world, it seems that those born in the month that’s in like a lion and out like a lamb are of a special category of their own. See for […]

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