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Mattel Apologizes For Making Barbie Look Incompetent in Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer

In “Oh, Sh*t!” news, acclaimed makers of the world famous buxomy doll Barbie are in deep. It seems they’ve encountered a silly snafu in today’s digital jungle. Read about it here with Mattel Apologizes For […]

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The Coming Climate Onslaught

The environmental agenda is now on the forefront of President Barack Obama’s plans for the year. This is great news even if it is thirty years too late. Read more here with The Coming Climate […]

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Letting Go

If you or someone you love is fighting a health battle, chances are you know all too well the realities of life. And the importance of Letting Go. Read this. It will change your world.

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He Never Hit Me

The highly sensitive issue of abuse is really difficult to approach when it involves any relationship, including a romantic one. Read and likely relate to one woman’s first hand account here with He Never Hit […]

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Scientists Discover the Awkward Origins of Sex

We all got here on earth compliments of a big bang. And it seems the first ever big bang happened in what is now Scotland over 385 million years ago per a recent report published […]

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U.S. President Obama waves as he arrives for a campaign rally for Maryland Lt. Gov. Brown at a High School in Upper Marlboro

Obama Makes Rare Campaign Trail Appearance, People Leave Early

President Barack Obama may be suffering from an all time low in popularity worsened only by a recent appearance. It seems that the U.S.’ oft-vacationing, oft-unavailable leader of America did an uncustomary thing. Here’s Obama […]

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A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys: Wage Theft, Billionaires, And The Rest of Us

Big Tech it seems is just as evil (if not more so) as Big Pharma. And the fall out is affecting us all. Read about it here with A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys: Wage […]

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5 Things Your Doctor Really Wants To Say To You (But Won’t)

How often do you go to the doctor? What if you should only go if you think death is edging into your life? What doctors see, feel, and experience every day is something us normal […]

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33 Misconceptions Men Have About Women’s Bodies

Men will never understand women very well. If they would accept this when thinking about the biological functions behind the female reproductive system, then the world would be a better place. But they don’t. So […]

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How To Pretend To Be Someone’s Friend

Facebook has a new limbo zone! And it seems to be the only place where one has no choice but to accept. It’s called acquaintances. Here’s How To Pretend To Be Someone’s Friend On Facebook.

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