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Cooped: How Contracted Chicken Markets Affect Farmers and Consumers

Anyone paying attention to the food racket all of our lives depend upon knows how terrible the food industry has become. Read more (bad) news here with Contracted Chicken Markets Affect Farmers And Consumers.

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6 Reasons Your Plans To Move Abroad Might Not Work Out

Have you had it with the politics and nonsense in America (or whatever your home land is)? Congrats, you’re not alone! But you may be stuck here. Check out the following 6 Reasons Your Plans […]

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The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity Is Under Attack

We’re all in deep sh*t. Half of the human population – the ones responsible for building, fixing, and moving the very systems which uphold society (among other great things) are being seriously threatened. Read The […]

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Space Junk Is All Around Us

It seems humans haven’t stopped at pollution only the earth! Sadly space is cluttered with our junk (and meteorite leftovers) too! Read more here with Space Junk Is All Around Us.

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Animal Cruelty Is The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat

We are what we eat. So, as wise as the words that Nita Rao offered via Rolling Stone: “Like the livestock we raise, we’ve grown fat and sick, dependent on a bitches’ brew of drugs. […]

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Hunting Humans

Some people are just sick. And Robert Hansen is living proof. Read how this sick, sick man brutalized countless victims and earned himself notoriety as the worst serial killer in Alaska with Hunting Humans.

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Marijuana: Toke Up On Mold, Insects, And Manure

Man, sometimes science can take the pure joy out of EVERYTHING including bong hits. Dammit. Read what besides dope is in your dope with Marijuana: Toke Up On Mold, Insects, and Manure.

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Is Your TV Spying On YOU? It Sounds Like Science Fiction But Many New TVs Can Watch You – Telling Advertisers Your Favourite Shows Or Even Filming You On The Sofa. And There’s No Off Switch!

In “this adds a whole new layer of paranoia to modern living” news, your television set is likely watching you as you do what you do on your couch. Perhaps it’s even stalking what you […]

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The War On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving of old was full of good friends, good family, good food, and the spirit of gratitude. These days it seems that to further prove the decline of humanity, this year’s Christmas shopping season kicks […]

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New Warning: Morning-After Pill Doesn’t Work For Women Over 176 Pounds

If you’ve ever lived through the horrors of taking Plan B or its alternative forms of the morning after pill, you know precisely how terrible pharmaceuticals can be. And it seems the CDC has new […]

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