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Glass Beach Of California

The phrase “walking on broken glass” has come to life thanks to the MacKerricher State Park located within Fort Bragg, California.   Seems the sea churned years and years worth of household trash ashore, creating Glass […]

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20 Most Disturbing Twitter Pics

Twitter is inspiring.  It’s really a great place to Tweet all of the juicy bits of your daily lift.  Problem is, some folks go a little bird shit with their Tweets.   We’re not sure why […]

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What Lives Inside Your Navel

Whether you have an innie or and outie, your navel is prime breeding ground to a jungle of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and other microscopic stuff.  The good news is, the creepy crawlies living within your […]

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Where America Spent All of Its Money In The Last Decade

The White House posted the following infographic on its website explaining how America accumulated its national debt over the past decade, shifting fiscal forecasts from projected surpluses to elephantine deficits. Despite the fact that it […]

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Narcoleptic Woman Tries Eating Hot Dog

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This video also features an excellent use of the 5 second rule. Happy Memorial Day To All!!!!

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7 Types of Food That Will Make Your Poop Change Colors

They say that everyone has a talent. Some people can play the violin while others can throw a baseball 95 miles per hour. Still, others discover 7 different foods that turn your sh*t a different […]

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Horrific Soccer Accident

Soccer can be a very violent sport.  But this injury from England takes the cake for being the most gruesome!  Let’s hope this guy’s team has excellent medical coverage.

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9 Guys Who Really Love Their Sex Dolls

Who says only little girls like to play with dolls? Unfortunately for these guys, they seem to have too much time on their hands to play with their dolls. But who are we to judge! […]

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15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Kids

I remember being a little grossed out when they first came out with the My Buddy doll. But these 15 toys take it to a completely different level. Sadly, I bet there would be a […]

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A Hairy Revenge Story

A wise man once said that revenge is a dish best served cold. However, I am not sure that this wise man said anything about serving it with a garnish of human hair. Actually, I […]

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