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Texting During Your Own Wedding Ceremony

Texting is a great way to communicate but it’s generally considered absolutely dangerous or just plain wrong in certain situations. It’s been said one gets to heaven more quickly if one texts while driving but […]

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12 Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes For Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, those who procrastinate may be scrambling for a costume to adorn their little trick-o-treaters in. Follow this advice: don’t try any of these 12 Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes For […]

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Unemployed? Try These Jobs On Craigslist!

If you are among the millions of people seeking work, you have likely scoured the universe looking for a job. Chances are great you aren’t quite ready to accept any of the following employment opportunities […]

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TSA Goes Through Woman’s Luggage, Finds Sex Toy, Leaves Pervy Note

Feministe writer and attorney Jill Filipovic recently traveled with her B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend). Upon arriving at her destination, she unpacked and found a Transportation Security Administration Notice of Inspection scrawled with “GET YOUR FREAK […]

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America’s “Shameful” Child Abuse Problem

Michael Petit, president of the nonprofit organization Child Matters, and BBC News combined forces to raise awareness regarding growing child abuse rates within the U.S. Petit reports that over 20,000 children during the last decade […]

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8 Grossest Things Bear Grylls Has Consumed

Bear Grylls, survivalist and host of the Discovery Channel’s Man Vs. Wild program has done some pretty outrageous things in his time. As a former U.K. Special Forces agent and the youngest Brit to ever […]

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12 Most Bizarre Halloween Candies Ever

With Halloween fast approaching, chances are you’re already stocking up on goodies for the little monsters and goblins who show up on your doorstep. If you’re not into the season of witches and ghosts, here […]

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11 Hilarious Examples Of False Advertising

Some companies pad their products with P.R. crap. Granted, nothing illustrates false advertising faster than a padded push up bra and some spanx…until you meet with that “cute chick” you met online and sit down […]

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10 Charts About Sex

Just when you think you know everything you ever wanted to know about sex, someone comes along and changes your mind. The folks at OK Cupid have published more than you ever wanted to know […]

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Truly A Hellish Job

Tyler Pipe, located in Birmingham, Alabama, and owned by McWane, Inc. may quite honestly be the worst place in the world to work. Dubbed “one of the most dangerous employers in America” by the New […]

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