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10 Bodily Functions That Continue After Death

Certain bodily functions continue for minutes, hours, days, and even weeks after death. You will not believe the kind of things a dead body will do with its now-copious amount of time.

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Food Shoved Into Other Food

Turducken, what did you start? Adult Swim recently experimented with other food-in-food monstrosities, and here’s what they came up with…

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10 Things You Might’ve Been Better Off Not Knowing About Your Body

If you never wanted to know that an average 200 pound man could feed 100 cannibals, read no more. If, however, you’re endlessly fascinated by the wonders and workings of the human form, keep reading. […]

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24 TMI Celeb TwitPics

As a general rule, most celebrities are narcissistic camera hogs. Many famous faces just can’t get enough of plastering the universe with pictures of themselves, particularly via social networking. Some should know when to stop. […]

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Minnesota Boy, Fed Up With Parents’ Pot, Helps Spur Bust

Whoever said Hell was for children just got her proof, compliments of a story straight out of the Ravenna Township in Minnesota. An eleven year old who grew tired of his mother and step father’s […]

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Children Who Need Foster Parents

The collapsing economy and present financial conditions are affecting more than the unemployed and 99 percent. Here’s the true cost of the mess, at the expense of our future, in Children Who Need Foster Parents.

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23 Mind Blowing Facts About Income Inequality In America

It’s no secret that in the U.S. the rich are getting richer while the poor are so poor it hurts. Despite looming promises of economic recovery, the median annual household income has dropped over ten […]

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30 Terrifying Pictures Of Kids That Will Give You Nightmares

Most kids are cute and harmless though there are some exceptions to every rule. Some kids are just evil. Or appear to be. And scare the living hell out of us. Here are 30 Terrifying […]

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10 Feral Human Children Raised By Animals

A child who is considered feral is one which has lived without human contact, love, or care, for much of its life. The following horrific stories are of children who were mistreated by or abandoned […]

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Face Discovered In Testicular Tumor

Canadian urologists G. Gregory Roberts and Jani J. Touma from Queen’s University in Ontario made an unusual discovery while conducting an ultrasound on a 45 year old patient’s testicle. The doctors discovered a mass in […]

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