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21 Utterly Ridiculous Celebs

If you’re life is going down the drain, never fear. There are others feeling precisely the same way, including Hollywood’s finest trainwrecks. Here’s 21 Utterly Ridiculous Celebs to provide a nice distraction from your own […]

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Five Things You Buy That Don’t Actually Work The Way You Think

Many, many products are marketed to lure consumers with big promise only to have purchasers find the things they buy just plain stink. From sunscreen to cold relief, beauty products, and even food, some dollars […]

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The 10 Most Terrifying Guides To Sex is great for publishing content that is hilarious, mortifying, and absolutely scary. There is no realm left uncovered by the geniuses at Cracked and sex is no exception. Here’s a glimpse into the frightening […]

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What Does Science Fiction Tell Us About The Future Of Reproductive Rights?

Science fiction is a great way to consider all of the potential “what ifs.” Sometimes it’s a pleasant consideration. Sometimes it’s terrifying…especially for anyone who has ever read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Think about […]

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The Science Of Rubbernecking

There’s nothing like a hot mess to draw a crowd, or at least the attention of onlookers. Scientists have sourced the force behind “rubbernecking” or why people can’t NOT look at a disaster. Here’s The […]

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10 Biggest Manwhores In Hollywood

Not surprisingly, the most notorious and often incredibly famous men of the glitzy and glamorous worlds of acting, music, politics, and sports were also great womanizers. The following men embodied the essence of promiscuity and […]

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Scary Trend: STDs On The Rise

The Centers for Disease Control has some frightening information regarding STD stats. It seems that people in the U.S. are having more sex and aren’t taking appropriate steps to ensure they are protected from the […]

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5 Amazing Places In The U.S. In Danger Of Being Destroyed By Dirty Energy

President Barack Obama and environmentalists world wide are celebrating a perhaps temporary victory as plans for the Keystone XL Pipeline have been halted for now. Compliments of opposition from locals, grassroots organizations, and politicians, the […]

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6 Things No One Ever Told You About Living On A Farm

Farm life is picturesque and idyllic to everyone who doesn’t actually LIVE and WORK on one. Beyond the sprawling meadows, big tractors, and barnyard animals, true life for farmers and animals is nothing that meets […]

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25 Of The Worst Tramp Stamps

Tramp stamps are a dime a dozen (much like the women who sport them) but some are way worse than others. In terms of truly terrible, the following are off the charts. Here are 25 […]

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