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11 Worst Fast Food Restaurant Names

A company’s name and a brand help to impact its potential customers and secure its position as a consumer favorite. It can also do the reverse. Here are the 11 Worst Fast Food Restaurant Names.

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Does Sugar Make You Stupid?

We all know full well we are what we eat. Filling our bodies with things that are good for it has its benefits. Filling our bodies with junk has its hazards. Recent research by the […]

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Mexican Woman Reportedly Pregnant With NINE Kids

Big news from South of the Border: Karla Vanessa Perez is trying to beat Nadya “Octomom” Suleman in the competition for who can carry and birth the most babies. Dear Lord, help them all…as my […]

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What’s Exactly In Hotdogs Anyhow?

People joke about the contents of hotdogs frequently but never really know beyond a doubt what is precisely in them. Scientists studied meat product closely and found some really creepy stuff in them, despite the […]

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The Truth About Garbage

We collect trash, throw it out, and it goes away…or so we like to believe. Time to stop pretending. It’s piling up. Here’s the proof with The Truth About Garbage.

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8 Prolific Female Serial Killers

When one considers serial killers, most think of Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, and other notorious men, not women. It seems the fairer sex is just as capable of committing murder as the following 8 […]

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Video Dump: Strange Addictions Will Make Your Drinking Problem Look Downright Boring

The great minds at The Smoking Jacket have scoured the earth to make your incredible, insatiable thirst for liquid oblivion seem like nothing. As it turns out, there are many more twisted habits, obsessions, and […]

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The 100 Greatest Horror Quotes Of All Time

Harry Hanrahan has perhaps one of the most wicked geniuses on earth. His work as a “pop culture historian” is fantastic as you can see for yourself with The 100 Greatest Horror Quotes Of All […]

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These Trashy Weddings Look Fun (15 Pics)

Weddings are fun…it’s the marriage part that requires much more than fun. People get married in all kinds of places wearing all kinds of attire. Some ceremonies capture a glamorous fairytale essence and others capture […]

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Facebook’s ‘Dark Side’: Study Finds Link To Socially Aggressive Narcissism

Western Illinois University researchers studied over 294 Facebook users, between the ages of 18 to 65, and found a relationship between the number of Facebook friends a person has and his or her negative personality […]

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