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8 Most Sexually Disturbing Internet Memes

The Internet can be a scary place. It has a couple of dark corners and black places only the truly disturbed and perverted visit. Seeing is believing as these 8 Most Sexually Disturbing Internet Memes […]

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Woman’s Rapists Recruited On Craigslist…By Her Own Husband

A devoted husband who wanted to fulfill his wife’s greatest fantasy did so by taking unusual, totally bizarre means. Read it and laugh with Woman’s Rapist Recruited On Craigslist…By Her Own Husband!

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30 Unintentionally Awful Domain Names

Naming a website domain is much like naming a kid. One has to be extremely careful of what one chooses. Learn from these massively hilarious and rather downright dirty 30 Unintentionally Awful Domain Names.

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Egyptians Pelt Clinton Motorcade With Tomatoes

“You say tomato, I say tomato” US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was under fire by protesters at the U.S. consulate in Alexandria, Egypt over the weekend. Problem is there’s no calling the whole thing […]

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How Doctors And Patients Do Harm

With “Obamacare” boiling in the political trenches of the U.S., it’s time to delve deeply into the entire healthcare system to better understand what’s really going on. Here’s an interesting look at How Doctors And […]

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What You Can Learn From John Edwards And Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter, mistress of former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, just released her memoir “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me” on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Despite being one of the more hated […]

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Human Population’s Weight Estimated At 316 Million Tons

Recent studies indicate that the world’s fat people may be a threat to all inhabitants of the Earth. It seems the extra weight they carry around are causing more harm than good per a recent […]

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Revealed: Hundreds Of Words To Avoid Using Online If You Don’t Want The Government Spying On You (And They Include ‘Pork,’ ‘Cloud,’ and ‘Mexico’)

It seems the long arm of Uncle Sam has extended its reach to social networking sites and other forms of online media. The Department of Homeland Security just released a list of words which draw […]

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Gender Wars Enter The Potato Chip Aisle

Ruffles has created a line of “Ultimate Chips and Dips” made just for the stereotypical male. Created to satisfy the manliest of appetites, the line includes thicker chips and somewhat excludes female consumers. Gender bias […]

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Is Double Dipping Dangerous?

A group of researchers decided led by Paul Dawson from Clemson University studied the effects of double dipping wheat crackers into various dips to see just how much bacteria is left behind. The results are […]

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