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Top 10 Most Common Diseases Found In Hospitals

The Centers for Disease Reports that 84% of the number of patients who suffer complications upon having been admitted to hospitals, generally have any of the following ten diseases. Check out the Top 10 Most […]

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Tax Havens of The Wealthy

Benjamin Franklin once noted many, many years ago: “Of two things you can be certain; death and taxes.” Make sure you’re prepared for both by checking out the “tricks” of the rich and get a […]

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10 Worst Food Contamination Incidents Ever

If you’ve ever fallen ill with the stomach bug or heard stories of people dying from them, chances are you and those who passed got that bug from dirty, bacteria ridden food. Imagine the gross […]

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Bad Drinks

If you’ve never wanted to swallow a Hot Mexican Hooker, Tapeworm, or Alligator Sperm, I don’t blame you. At. All. When bartenders linger too long on the darkside, the result is much like the following […]

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WTF Were They Thinking?

Ever look at someone while standing in the checkout line or clicking around on the interwebz and wonder: “What were you thinking?” Other people do that too. Here’s 45 examples with WTF Were They Thinking?

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Sex Snafus That Ended Up In The E.R.

Cosmo is great for all things related to sex and sharing the naughty details. Whether the information they print is accurate or not is irrelevant since sometimes the content is so funny we can’t resist. […]

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Our Unsafe Food Supply Is Killing Us

Diet related illness and deaths have caused sickness and death to over 300,000 people in the U.S. per latest reports from the FDA. From bacteria to food products substantially lacking the essential vitamins and nutrients […]

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In an attempt to be healthy, many people may be opening themselves up for greater sickness. The use and overuse of antibiotics can actually make way for superbugs to infiltrate your system with little resistance. […]

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The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

The Holocaust is a permanent and horrific scar on the face of humanity that was just deepened by new information revealed by research and survivors. Read more here with The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking.

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Technology of Plumbing Then and Now

Have you ever wondered about how plumbing has changed since its invention? This infographic takes a look at how the technology of plumbing has evolved over time. Check it out to learn more!  

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