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5 Horrible Life Lessons Learned From Teen Movies

Somewhere in Shermer, Illinois John Hughes is rolling over in his grave. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out that some of the lessons learned from Hollywood’s most celebrated teen movies really were not that […]

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A New Use For Blow Up Sex Dolls?

A teenage couple in Australia attempted to use some unique flotation devices in an attempt to cross the Yarra River. Fortunately, the rescued pair did not require any medical attention. However, at this time the […]

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30 Most Offensive Church Signs of All Time

During most of our daily commutes, we travel past several churches displaying spiritual messages on their marquees. Most of the time it is a phrase such as “Jesus Saves” or an uplifting passage from the […]

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20 of Elmo’s Hottest Sexual Conquests

Everyone knows that Elmo likes to be tickled. But few realize that he is quite a player. You would be shocked with some of the celebrities that have spent some time at Elmo’s Sesame Street […]

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6 Rules For Avoiding Small Talk

Did you know that experts recently found that the happiest people in America only engaged in only one-third as much small talk as the unhappiest participants? As a result, I now have a scientific excuse […]

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7 Snowmen That Would Traumatize Children

Frosty the Snowman may have been a holly jolly soul, but these 7 snowmen–not so much! These snow masterpieces will make you wonder what exactly was in the cornccob pipe of the snowmen creators. Check […]

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10 Worst Movies Of All Time

Thousands of readers of the magazine “Empire” participated in the survey “The worst movie of all time”, and the final result was a list of these 10 movies. What do you think? We tend to […]

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11 Ridiculous Photos Of Creative Smuggling Attempts Gone Wrong

For some, there is art in smuggling. If you enjoy the creative solutions that people come up with for smuggling things, then check out this hilarious article. I think these are all smuggling FAILS. But […]

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15 Classic April Fool’s Pranks For The Office

April 1st is probably the best day of the year as far as office life goes. Think about it. Wouldn’t our jobs be 1000% times more enjoyable if there were a Dwight and Jim in […]

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100 Of The Best April Fools Pranks & Jokes Around

Aha. April 1st is fast approaching. And this year I’ll be ready thanks to this massive article from our friends over at WalYou listing 100 of the best april fools pranks and jokes you could […]

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