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Funny Army Stories

Lets raise our glasses and salute the fine folks who make up our military. And lets have a laugh in honor of them. Read the following Funny Army Stories to do just that!

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Awesome Wife Meme

It’s mid afternoon when everyone’s falling into that almost 5:00 fog. Take a break. Have a laugh. Check out this Awesome Wife Meme.

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Deer Stealing A Man’s Wife

If you’re Monday is heavy and gray, it’s time to lighten up. Pour a coffee, kick back, and have a laugh at this clip! Here’s Deer Stealing A Man’s Wife.

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From Sumerians To Shakespeare To Twain: Why Fart Jokes Never Get Old

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, the era you live/lived in, or your gender/race/other identifying information. One thing is most likely true: you think toots are funny. Especially in joke form. Here’s […]

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Wife And I Went To Get A “4D” Ultrasound Of Our Unborn Child. Saw This Picture. Changed Our Minds.

Ah the wonders and magic of pregnancy! Whether you’re the mom or dad, growing a child is a fascinating feat. Except sometimes it’s quite terrifying as you can see here. Check out Wife And I […]

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5 Guy Behaviors That Women Find Annoying, As Re-Enacted By A Super Hot Comedian

Ever try to talk to your man while he’s noshing on snacks and watching his favorite shows? How about what he does when he’s enthralled in Call of Duty? And what about that look on […]

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The 40 Funniest Entries on

If you’ve ever looked anything up at Urban Dictionary, you know how hilarious, how raunchy, how funny, or how true defining certain words in our crazy language can be. See The 40 Funniest Entries On […]

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Free Kitchens

It’s Monday! Time for a fun break. Check out and chuckle at these Free Kitchens.

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Don’t Fear The Male Babysitter

Four boys, a dog, a home, a career, a husband, and some serious exasperation later, I opted to do what many don’t: I hired help with the kids. But not just any help. I defied […]

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Hope This Is A Mistake

If you read the classifieds, chances are you’re quite familiar with typos and errors. Maybe you even laugh at them. Especially when they are as bad as this one! Here’s Hope This Is A Mistake.

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