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13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make

What happens when you pair man’s best friend with one of man’s best inventions? Comedy. Check out this great list of the 13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Commencement speeches are notorious for droning endlessly and offering ingratiating gratitude. Fortunately Reddit’s here with reality when it comes to graduating and giving thanks. Laugh here with Credit Where Credit Is Due.

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15 Ways Fictional Characters Must Have To Date And Have Sex

Ever think too much about romance in cartoons, fairy tales and Disney stories? The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is you’re as sick as the folks at Cracked. See what their […]

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27 Unintentionally Hilarious Movies That Are So Bad They’re Great

Hollywood is great at churning out entertainment. But what if their goal with each film not only fell short of the mark but caused riotous laughter? See the worst of the best here with 27 […]

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Wait…Aren’t These Objects In Movies From Totally The Wrong Era?

Actors aren’t the only people who mess up in Hollywood. Catching movie goofs is a rather fun past time. See for yourself with Wait…Aren’t These Objects In Movies From Totally The Wrong Era?

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Imagine What It’d Be Like If People Left Parties The Way They Leave Facebook

The world’s largest social networking site is everywhere and everyone seems to be on it. Unless (to borrow the words of the Great Lorax)… people decide to get off of it. Then we all just […]

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The 11 Most Incredible Moments In “Dad Reflex” History

Let’s take a minute to raise our glass and thank all of the fathers in the world who not only teach their children well but keep them safe. Then let’s just have a good freaking […]

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14 Signs That Aren’t Holding Back The Truth

The crazy kids at College Humor know a thing or two hundred about making us laugh our asses off. So when they scoured the universe in search of some seriously funny signs, this is what […]

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20 Funny Store Receipts

Ever read the fine print after you pump your gas, pay your tab, or hit the store? You should because of these 20 Funny Store Receipts.

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27 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Christmas Vacation’

Clark Griswald, family, and crew have evoked giggles with their hilarious antics for over 30 (!) years. And you may think you know the films but chances are you don’t. Here are 27 Things You […]

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