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40 Most Common Mistakes Most Men Make During Sex

What happens in your bed is your business until or unless you get the “you’re doing it wrong” grimace from your partner.   If thanking your lucky woman following a sheet-ripping, helluvagood time is commonplace, you […]

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And it’s also generally only skin deep.  Here’s a hilarious take on Beauty.

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10 Offbeat And Alternative Search Engines

Google may be the default search engine in everyone’s browser but the fact of the matter is, there are many search engines available today that want to help Internet users find precisely what they are […]

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If Restaurants Were Sex Acts

The way to a woman’s…heart…is through the doors of a restaurant (or so it’s been said.)  If you want more than her heart though, you may want to rethink which restaurant you intend to take […]

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Celebrities As Russian Generals

A Tumblog Replace Face recently started replacing the faces of famed Russian generals with celebrity mugs.  The results of the combination of famed English painter George Dawe’s work paired with some of the world’s most […]

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Cat Physics

Cats are not nearly as domesticated as most people believe.  Cats live by their own laws, generally at the expense of their “masters.”  Here’s Cat Physics.

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The World’s Rudest Hand Gestures

Hand gestures are a great way to communicate.  As nearly everyone knows the meaning behind a middle finger “salute,” there are many other ways to communicate when words fall short.  Here’s The World’s Rudest Hand […]

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You Used It For What? (Funny Pics)

People can get really creative when they have a  little time and a couple of resources.  Here’s the hilarious end product of both with You Used It For What? (Funny Pics).  

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20 Awesome Photos Of Guys Caught Staring

Nothing draws a man’s attention faster than a beautiful woman.  It doesn’t matter if the man’s a celebrity, a politician, an actor, an old man, or just a regular dude.  It happens.  Unfortunately, for some […]

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Politicians Eating Food

            Press photographers are supposed to follow a strict yet unspoken policy of not shooting victims…er subjects…while they are eating.   Fortunately, some photographers like to break rules and get […]

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