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32 Wittiest Comebacks Of All Time

The exchange of harsh words can cause a stir. There’s a lot of glory when, following a jab, one evens the score and returns fire with wit and a sharp tongue. Here are the 32 […]

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15 Funniest People At The Drive Thru

The careful observation of people can lead one to fits of hysterical laughter. People, after all, are just humans. The drive thru of any fast food restaurant is one of many places people do some […]

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I Felt A Great Disturbance In The Force, As If Millions Of Sperm Suddenly Cried Out In Terror

Abstinence is the only true way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, disease, and several other negatively harmful affects of sex. The practice of safe sex is of the utmost importance and even Star Wars […]

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Andy Rooney Stepping Down

Andy Rooney, veteran writer and radio host, made his final appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes on October 9, 2011 after 33 years as a commentator. Rooney’s quirky wisdom has captivated audiences for decades. Here’s a […]

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30 Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man

Keeping secrets is a tricky thing. Anyone who has them wants to protect them. And anyone who knows them feels a bit burdened by them. It’s no surprise that relationships are no exception. Here are […]

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10 Brilliant Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time for letting all of your demons out and playing tricks while gobbling treats. It’s also the time when some people really get creative with dressing up. Here are 10 Brilliant Halloween […]

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16 LOL Animal Pics

Animal lovers and pet owners agree that their critters can lighten even the darkest days. Here are 16 LOL Animal Pics certain to make you laugh!

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11 Hilarious Examples Of False Advertising

Some companies pad their products with P.R. crap. Granted, nothing illustrates false advertising faster than a padded push up bra and some spanx…until you meet with that “cute chick” you met online and sit down […]

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10 Things People Say Without Having Any Idea What They’re Talking About, And What They Should Be Staying Instead

People talk. And talk. And talk. Some people, talk waaayyyy too much. While others don’t say enough. Rather makes you wonder if anyone is really listening, especially when folks say any of the following 10 […]

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10 Charts About Sex

Just when you think you know everything you ever wanted to know about sex, someone comes along and changes your mind. The folks at OK Cupid have published more than you ever wanted to know […]

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