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20 Inanimate Objects That Stole The Show In Movies

Many uncelebrated objects, from Audrey Hepburn’s cigarette holder in Breakfast At Tiffany’s to Tom Hank’s volley ball “friend” Wilson in Castaway, and even, McLovin’s id in Superbad, were truly essential aspects of our favorite films. […]

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12 Hilarious Closed Signs

When businesses close shop, many reach for a simple sign to let customers know. Some businesses have unique and comical means of displaying why they are closed. Here are 12 Hilarious Closed Signs.

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Larry Goes To The Market

A man identified only as Larry made a recent drunken trip to the supermarket that went down in history as one of the most hilarious shopping trips in the past decade. The footage of his […]

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12 Hilarious Tombstones

Death is a process that many find less than humorous. It’s often painful for those passing on and particularly so for those who still remain. An epitaph is a great way to commemorate those who’ve […]

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Telling It Like It Is: 24 Fakespirationals

Reality is, life isn’t anything like they tell you as you grow up. There’s no happy ending or fairy tale or magic in being an adult. It takes guts, blood, sweat, and sometimes tears to […]

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Architectural Blunders And Atrocities

A lot of work goes into the design and construction of structures, roads, and other important, every day things people use. Some buildings and structures were designed or constructed while the architect and crew were […]

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12 Hilarious Things You Can Learn Every Day

The best advice to ever follow is “learn something new every day.” Refining your skills and expanding knowledge contributes to your greatest asset: you. A few years ago, Pete Jarvis and Geth Vaughn launched a […]

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Do The Dishes Like Nobody’s Watching

Housework is a chore. And like most chores, it’s usually not fun but it’s necessary. Fortunately, some people know how to make a good time out of just about any task. Here’s Do The Dishes […]

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Remains Of Ancient Race Of Job Creators Found In Rust Belt

The Onion has published a darkly humorous article regarding present economic times and soaring unemployment rates. Things have changed tremendously since America’s big “boom” and many are stranded in limbo waiting for improvements. Here’s Remains […]

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12 Hilarious Moving Fails

Moving is one of the least pleasant chores known to man. Sifting through your belongings and hauling them to your next home is gruesome work. Luckily, some people managed to make moving funny. Here are […]

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