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Little Girl Chooses the Dark Side

The little girl’s evil laugh makes her parents believe she has chosen the dark side at the tender age of 18 months.

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15 Cute Dogs Dressed in Awesome Superhero Outfits

People love dressing up. And why not? It’s a great chance to let loose and behave like kid again for a few hours. What’s especially fun, however, is dressing up as your favorite superhero! From […]

10 Funniest Typos Ever

Nobody’s perfect and when time is of the essence, mistakes can be made. Some mistakes are way more hilarious than others though, especially when a typo is involved. Here’s the 10 Funniest Typos Ever.

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Best A**hole Driver Of The Year Meme (Pics)

Anyone who travels in an automobile knows that road rage is a common every day occurrence. We’ve all been affected by, experienced, or witnessed bad drivers who help make our roads a dangerously unsafe place. […]

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Man Busted with Gift Wrapped Pot

When state troopers in Ohio recently stopped Robert Gomez they made an interesting discovery. Gomez had a gift wrapped box in the trunk of the car that contained 28 pounds of marijuana in 25 individually […]

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Stripper Takes Kids on Lingerie Shoplifting Spree

Stripper Ashley Fleischmann was arrested at Burlington Coat Factory in Orlando after a plain-clothes loss prevention officer caught her stealing lingerie. She told officers that she brought her two young children with her on the […]

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If Famous Duos/Groups Became Merged

The wonders of Photoshop and all of the things you can do with it are limitless. The folks at Unreality have mixed up images of some of pop culture’s most famous celebrities and characters with […]

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The Seven Deadly Websites

Everyone knows the seven deadly sins but can everyone identify their Internet likenesses? Take a look at The Seven Deadly Websites to see if you’re a true sinner.

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10 Hilarious Glamour Shot Portraits

Despite the fact that the formerly popular Glamour Shot trend went the way of the dinosaur, a laughable legacy remains. Anyone whose anyone remembers the mall photo ops complete with the silly hair, funny props, […]

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Kim Kardashian Gives Tips for a Happy Marriage

In the new issue of Marie Claire, Kim Kardashian shares some advice for a happy, successful, 72-day marriage. Trust, unconditional love and being able to handle how she looks without makeup and false lashes were […]

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