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What You Say When You Start Dating Someone New Vs. What You Are Actually Thinking

Dating after the end of a relationship (or marriage) is both interesting and terrifying. And it’s a process often veiled in half truths. Read the best of ‘em here with What You Say When You […]

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I Work From Home

Those of us blessed enough to have jobs that allow us to never leave the house will get a chuckle out of I Work From Home.

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Hump Day Jokes

Happy Hump Day… a phrase that the world could live without. So lets laugh with these Hump Day Jokes.

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29 T-Shirts You Must Never Ever Wear

We love naughty t-shirts but some make us cringe. Peek at these 29 T-Shirts You Must Never Ever Wear.

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5 Guy Behaviors That Women Find Annoying, As Re-Enacted By A Super Hot Comedian

Ever date a ball scratching, noise picking, gas passing, bathroom-noises-over-riding-bathroom-fan, heavily ear haired, couch surfing, weight lifting obsessed, laundry rifling, videogamer? It’s not funny if you have. But this is a gem: the 5 Guy […]

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18 Hilarious Parenting Tips Found On Twitter

Making children is generally easy. Having them is painful. Raising them in this world of hell is really tough at times. So reach for the big guns and pull out these 18 Hilarious Parenting Tips […]

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22 Jokes That You’ll Probably Go To Hell For Laughing At

I’ve got a raging case of the Mondays after a day of unexpected events. So it’s time to laugh. Hard. With someone who knows how. Coffee cheers to 22 Jokes That You’ll Probably Go To […]

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Entering The Twilight Zone

After the masterful production of President “Don Jon” Trump as we are calling him around here, we thought we’d take a break and laugh with Entering The Twilight Zone.

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15 Hilarious Tweets From Ryan Reynolds

This one had me rolling so I could not, I mean ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT, pass on sharing it! Here are 15 Hilarious Tweets From Ryan Reynolds. Thank goodness for laughter!

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22 Hilarious Tweets About Kids

Kids say and do the darnedest, most ridiculously funny things anyone can say or do. Here’s proof with a collection of 22 Hilarious Tweets About Kids.

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