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Store Sells Out of Canned Reindeer After Protest

When Vegetarians International Voice for Animals found out that canned reindeer pâté was being sold at an upscale department store in the UK, they sprung into action and launched a protest. You know what they […]

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12 Horrible Gifts To Say “I Hate You!”

If you’re feeling a little bit wicked this holiday season, chances are you’ve got a couple of people on your shopping list who have been a bit more than naughty. It’s also highly plausible you […]

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2011 Top 10: When Animals Are Jerks

Every year, humans slaughter billions of animals for food and recreation, which is why it’s not surprising that given the chance, many of them act like complete jerks towards us. Here’s 2011’s top 10 examples […]

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Karaoke Singer Beats the Crap Out of People After Getting Booed Off Stage

After being booed off stage during karaoke and asked to leave Cabana Jack’s, Isiah Johnson didn’t go home humiliated. Instead, he returned to the bar and punched three people in the face and went to […]

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2011, Buh-Bye!

Jib Jab has released perhaps one of the most hilarious videos on earth to honor and say goodbye to 2011. Between the economy, the 2012 Presidential Election, class wars, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and […]

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Santa’s Pick Up Lines

If Santa and Mrs. Claus’ union is anything like most typical marriages, chances are Santa’s scouting for more than whatever Mrs. Claus has to offer. If Santa exists, and if Santa was looking for a […]

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10 Best Snowman Pictures

There’s very few winter activities better than building snowmen. Unless of course copious amounts of alcohol and/or naughty people with dirty minds are involved. Then it’s just hilarious. Here’s the 10 Best Snowman Pictures.

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The Bacon Of The Sea

The late, great Andy Rooney once said “It’s not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!” He’s likely laughing in his grave over the herd of hungry feral pigs who’ve taken […]

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Why Do They Wear Funny T-Shirts?

People often let their clothing speak for them whether they intend to or not. It’s a fact of life that others judge us by what we wear and how we wear it. Do a little […]

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10 Catch Phrases You Swore You’d Never Use (And When You Used Them)

You’ve used them. We all have. No matter how hard we might try not to, there are certain situations in which they just fit perfectly and roll off the tongue.

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