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The 8 Best Business Movies Of All Time

The endless wheel of work never stops spinning. Whether you’re looking for a 9-5, loving the job you have, or absolutely despise your work, you’re going to love The 8 Best Business Movies Of All […]

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Rub Some Bacon On It

Most humans agree that EVERYTHING is better with bacon. The folks at Stuff I Stole From The Internet have a great video as proof. Here’s Rub Some Bacon On It.

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20 Phrases You Hear During Graduation And What They Really Mean

Graduations are inspiring. The time to celebrate the close of a chapter of life to begin a new one. Truth is life is usually what happens when people are making other plans so it’s best […]

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The 5 Stages Of Incessant Pop Music

Pop music is a like an ear disease you can’t get rid of. Supplicating to the masses, frequently devoid of valuable meaning, and generally bad for true music connoisseurs, pop is what it is. Oh […]

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Macho Driving Techniques

Men like to display their strengths and there’s no better way to do that than by climbing behind the wheel. The combination of speed, scowls, and precision gives men the opportunity to show off their […]

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Your Life In Daily GIFs (5.14.12)

If you ever wished to find an image to perfectly compliment daily happenings from break ups to breaking your feet on legos, this one is for you. Pleated Jeans has a funny take on things […]

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The Being And Nothingness Network: Social Media For Existentialists

Waxing philosophy is fun for some, torture for others. Those who ponder existentialism essentially believe that people give their lives meaning. A great poke at that theory was written by Michael Howe. Here’s The Being […]

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The Mommy Test

There’s no arguing that Mother always knows best, even if you don’t completely agree with her. The relationship between a mother and her children is only matched by that between a father and his children. […]

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Jimmy The Bartender

Men’s Health has a special column devoted to “women, work, and other things that screw up men’s lives.” The column and blog feature the sage wisdom (and humor) of Jimmy The Bartender. Check it out!!!

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33 Geeky Insults You Can Use Almost Anywhere

Nerds may have a bad reputation but they may inherit the earth at some point. Provided they haven’t already. In the match between brain and brawn, nerds win hands down thanks to their smarts. Here […]

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