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6 Epic Holiday Parade Balloon Fails

Holiday parade balloons fail on occasion, and when they do, they fail hard. Whether they’re striking light posts and injuring spectators or simply getting snagged on objects and deflating slowly in front of hundreds of […]

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Giant Penis Mystery Baffles Stockholm Suburb

A wealthy Swedish businessman was surprised to learn on Wednesday that the grounds near his luxurious home appear to feature a giant penis visible only from the sky.

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Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Health experts have long known that drinking red wine can have such positive benefits as reducing blood vessel damage, lowering the risk of heart attack, and preventing harmful LDL cholesterol from forming. But researchers at […]

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30 Entertaining Craigslist Ads

Craigslist is a great place to sell or purchase a number of objects. It’s also a great place for laughs if you find the right listings. Here are 30 Entertaining Craigslists ads that put the […]

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Jenny Won’t Set Foot on the Block

Have you seen those Fiat commercials with JLo cruising through the Bronx? Yeah.. about that. It was a body double. Jenny from the block did her part of the commercials sitting in a car in […]

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34 Pictures That Defy Explanation

There are some moments in time where, despite our best attempts at unraveling their meaning, nothing makes sense. Luckily for us, we’re not alone in those head scratching, sometimes bewildering moments. Luckier still, some people […]

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Toddlers Destroy Home with Flour

While their mom was in the bathroom, these two little boys took a 5 pound bag of flour and covered everything in the home with it. Her reaction is much more calm than expected and […]

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Little Girl Chooses the Dark Side

The little girl’s evil laugh makes her parents believe she has chosen the dark side at the tender age of 18 months.

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7. Supergirl

15 Cute Dogs Dressed in Awesome Superhero Outfits

People love dressing up. And why not? It’s a great chance to let loose and behave like kid again for a few hours. What’s especially fun, however, is dressing up as your favorite superhero! From […]


10 Funniest Typos Ever

Nobody’s perfect and when time is of the essence, mistakes can be made. Some mistakes are way more hilarious than others though, especially when a typo is involved. Here’s the 10 Funniest Typos Ever.

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