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Offensive Bumper Magnets To Ruin Someone’s Day

Road rage and parking spot fever abound when idiot drivers are around. If you’re just fed up with your roommate, boss, ex, or somebody who just makes you bat shit crazy, the easiest way to […]

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Love (Venn Diagram)

Love. The stuff that people seek endlessly and usually never find. Or the stuff that people fall into and never get out of. Or the stuff that makes you feel like a dog chasing a […]

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nikki poteet

18 Utterly Stupid Beauty Pagent Quotes

Mostly known for answers so dumb, homophobic, and closed-minded that they make your brain want to explode, pageant girls have proven to be best at standing around in bikinis with their mouths tightly sealed. Here […]

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Amusingly Horrible Things Strangers Have Said

If a complete stranger has never walked up to you, looked you dead in the eye, and stated: “You need to get ____-ed, HARD,” you haven’t lived. Though bizarre, people are programmed to let off […]

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What Your Favorite Blog Says About You

Where and how you invest your time is a direct reflection of the type of person you are. If you spend a lot of time visiting your favorite websites, you may be turning into a […]

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hide sex toys

I Will Survive!

The folks at Miss Cellania have presented a new battlecry for single women whose search for a “magic man with a big wand” ended up being little more than disappointing. This one is guaranteed to […]

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Donut Logic

Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen promotes insightful wisdom through his work. With timeless humor and tremendous creativity, Glasbergen provides perhaps the best take on Donut Logic. Coffee cheers!

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Douchebag Merit Badges

A douchebag is a special derogatory word describing a certain breed of person (generally male) whose behavior, mannerisms, and mere existence is so abhorrent that they’re likened to the same equipment used to “cleanse nether […]

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warning sex

15 Dumbest Sex Myths

Many people have very common misconceptions about good, old fashioned, naked hanky panky. Lots of people walk around misinformed regarding things like size, masturbation, and even means of preventing pregnancy. To help separate the facts […]

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During the SOPA Protest We Went Without Wikipedia…

What are we supposed to do when they can’t look things up on Wikipedia? These people decided to make up random false “facts” to spread around. Did you know the IV drip was named after […]

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