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Better Names For Things

Life gets rather boring from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great if common, every day objects were renamed to add a little excitement into the mediocrity of daily life? Here’s a little bit of […]

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Bad Lip Reader Makes Pop Songs Better

A guy on YouTube has succeeded in building a wildly popular channel by remaking popular songs into what it looks like they are singing. For some, it’s quite an improvement.

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Strange Sightings On Google’s Street View

Google’s street view is a really cool tool which allows users to take a peek at places all around the world without leaving the comfort of their living room. The funny thing is, Google’s cameras […]

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A Collection of Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Unless you are a school teacher, you probably don’t get the opportunity to wear one of these ridiculous looking sweaters very often. Here is a collection of sweaters reserved for ugly sweater parties and contests, […]

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Gifts for People You Hate

Each year at the holidays we all go through the painful ritual of parting with hard-earned money to obtain gifts for people we don’t even like. This year Gawker gives us a few suggestions on […]

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Walmart’s Gift to You This Holiday: An Obnoxious Talking Fruitcake

Walmart has introduced an obnoxious talking fruitcake, named Frank the Fruitcake. He can be uploaded to your Facebook page, but really, you should do the right thing and give him to someone else.

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Self Defense Tips For Women

Ladies, take note: the quickest and most humorous way to disarm a hostile, aggressive man involves 3 steps. The first is to declare your love. The second is to suggest cohabitation. And the third is […]

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Top 100 Funniest iPhone/Android Auto-Corrects

Life in the digital age is often hilarious, especially when the auto-correct function is involved. The results from using an Android or iPhone can be comical or tragic, especially if users do not pay careful […]

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You Know You’re A Cop If…

People are largely defined by what they do for a living and the police are no exception. There’s something to the men in blue and black who patrol the streets that just doesn’t stop once […]

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Mind Tricks To Try And Use

A great thread was posted on Reddit how users confessed their best, most favorite mind tricks to use on the unsuspecting masses. When asked “What is a mind trick you know of?” the response was […]

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