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Hot Female Murderers You’d Probably Go Home With

Buzz abounds that the hottest chicks on the planet are genuinely out of their minds. And it’s the truly beautiful women who are bat shit crazy OUT of bed do bat shit crazy stuff IN […]

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25 Awful Tramp Stamps

When the glory days of the tramp stamp are over (and aren’t they already?) these lovely ladies will be left with something to remember them by. A permanent reminder of a poor decision resides right […]

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19 Types of Christians

Whether you’re Christian or not, you have to admit that this characterization of the different kind of Christians we find in America is pretty damn funny. We like how the Christian woman over at Brainz […]

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6 Things No One Ever Told You About Living On A Farm

Farm life is picturesque and idyllic to everyone who doesn’t actually LIVE and WORK on one. Beyond the sprawling meadows, big tractors, and barnyard animals, true life for farmers and animals is nothing that meets […]

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Never In History Has There Been A Greater Freudian Slip

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud is likely R.O.G.L. (Rolling-Over-In-His-Grave-Laughing) over one of the latest Mitt Romney pictures to hit the interwebs. The 2012 Presidential Election is well underway and many are placing bets regarding who the winner […]

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Republicans More Likely To Achieve Orgasm During Sex: Survey

Great news for conservatives within the U.S. Researchers from Binghamton University and polled over 5,000 subjects and found their political viewpoints have a direct relationship with their carnal activities. Over 53% of single and […]

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Food And Sex

Adventure seeking humans may mingle their culinary delights with their carnal pleasure despite what the Bible says about fornication. Imagine if the Word placed all of the sinning attached to sex to food. Things would […]

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The 5 Best Backhanded Compliments

Any woman who has heard “Wow! You look great for having kids” knows the sting of a “supposed” compliment all too well. As do the older folks who look “Young,” the chubby chick who’s personality […]

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20 Of The Funniest TV Screenshots Of All Time

Watching television is a hilarious yet often mindless past time. People do some crazy things on camera. And, thanks to the technogods, people capture these funny things and put them on the Internet. Here’s 20 […]

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C.K. Louis Gives The Only Life Advice You’ll Ever Need During A Trip To The Optometrist

Comedian C.K. Louis is one extraordinary gentleman. He’s not only responsible for making the whole world laugh, but his simple wisdom shines through everywhere, including a trip to the eye doctor. Here’s absolute proof of […]

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