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31 Inspirational Tumblr Photos, Adjusted For Honesty

Tumblr is a great social blogging website which allows great minds to gather and present all kinds of great ideas, information, and pictures. Many people also use the site to offer hope to the otherwise […]

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13 Terrible Christmas Decorations

Ever notice how some people can’t help but go overboard with their holiday decorations? Yeah. Walmart did too and they have plenty of ugly and outrageous Christmas decorations to sell to these people.

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Baby Planes

If you’ve ever traveled on a plane, chances are you’ve encountered people of all different ages and from all walks of life. Chances are also great you’ve weathered a flight with a couple of children […]

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12 Kids Impersonating Rock Stars

Most people agree that kids are cute. Despite the work involved in raising children, most people can admire the innocence and wonder that little people possess. When tots dress up like some of the most […]

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Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

Men and women have very different outlooks on the idea of friendship. It seems that women think that they can be just friends with members of the opposite sex and men always have ulterior motives […]

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It Was Such A Bad Movie…

Movies are a great way to pass the time. Good movies make life better. Bad movies make us value good movies more. Here’s a glimpse into the not so good films we’ve all wasted precious […]

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O.B. Apologizes For Missing Tampons with a Song

Last year millions were apparently horrified when O.B. tampons vanished from store shelves. They’re back now, but O.B. really wants to say they are sorry for going away. To apologize, at least to Canadian women, […]

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The Nine WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever (NSFW)

Facebook may be under attack on all levels for it’s shady privacy policies and other sketchy practices but it’s still a source of infinite laughter. Some of the things that users put out come back […]

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Better Names For Things

Life gets rather boring from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great if common, every day objects were renamed to add a little excitement into the mediocrity of daily life? Here’s a little bit of […]

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Bad Lip Reader Makes Pop Songs Better

A guy on YouTube has succeeded in building a wildly popular channel by remaking popular songs into what it looks like they are singing. For some, it’s quite an improvement.

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