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Wedding Speeches

Weddings are great (as long as you’re attending as a member of the bridal party or guest.) Every wedding is a celebration with the food, the drinks, the cake, the music, and of course, toasts […]

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Distracted Driving Billboard Distracts Drivers

A racy billboard reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road is being taken down. Too many drivers reported that it was a distraction to them.

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5 Dating Sites For Terrible People To Find Terrible Love

Whether or not you’ve dipped your toe into (or perhaps plunged headfirst) into the Internet dating scene, chances are you’re aware how difficult it is to find a decent date. Much less one you’d like […]

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Perez Hilton's "OMFB" Birthday Party

Meghan McCain Tries to Use a Medium-Sized Word and Fails

On MSNBC today, Meghan McCain explained that the Obamas deserve some small emoticon of privacy. And in case you think it was just a slip, she said it twice.

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lame pickups

Comebacks For Lame Pickup Lines

Anyone who goes out frequently often has to manage those impetuous “suitors” who try to convince you of their “magic” just to get you in the sack. If cheesy one liners and other come-ons turn […]

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‘Huge Group Of Girls’ Is The Most Ridiculous Comedy Music Video You’ll See Today

If you ever hit the bar and night club scene, you’re well aware of the “drunken tidal wave” of women who give the few good women of the world a bad name. Here’s a funny […]

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12 Hilarious Summer Pictures

The chill of January may be upon us but summer lives on in our hearts and is (thankfully) just a few months away. In the meantime, while waiting for the temperature to rise, enjoy the […]

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Meet the New Rebecca Black

A song about muffins with a video of tons of cupcakes has to be good, right? You’re about to find out how wrong it really is in Shira’s new video called “Pound On My Muffin”… […]

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Scientists Find Hairy Crab, Name it The Hoff

Scientists have recently found a new species of yeti crab and for now it is known as “The Hoff” because of its hairy chest. The hairy crab will eventually become classified and be given a […]

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Geeks vs Nerds

There’s a consensus in the epic battle between geeks verse nerds and in today’s world, it’s the geeks who are the clear winner. At least according to the masses and the editors at Masters In […]

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