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A Woman’s Life, As Told Through Scientific Studies

It’s not easy being human as we all know. Many think being female is easier than being a male. Truth is, it’s just different. Here’s a deeper look with A Woman’s Life, As Told Through […]

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Hallelujah It’s Friday!

There may be no rest for the wicked but there’s something to be said about weekends. Wishing you a Happy Friday with Hallelujah It’s Friday!

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30 Unintentionally Awful Domain Names

Naming a website domain is much like naming a kid. One has to be extremely careful of what one chooses. Learn from these massively hilarious and rather downright dirty 30 Unintentionally Awful Domain Names.

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18 Worst Things For Left Handed People

Southpaw’s are often ridiculed for the use of their dominant hand. They also bump into people at dinner and write rather funny. They also face other things like the following 18 Worst Things For Left […]

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10 Great Quotes About Drinking

Here are some funny and even a few wise quotes about drinking and getting drunk from some famous people.

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Laws Of Household Physics

Ever notice how one can spend an entire day cleaning and at the end of the day, the place looks the same as when you woke up? Here’s why with the Laws Of Household Physics.

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Courage Wolf

Memes are great for laughs, inspiration, humor, and generally conveying important messages. If your strength is a little shaky during difficult times, just look for Courage Wolf.

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Animal Talk

There’s something seriously funny about “You’re kidding me!…No lion!” Here’s a collection of cute pics to tickle your giggle spot with Animal Talk.

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10 Photos Politicians Regret

Politicians aren’t perfect by any means. Sometimes they really goof and get caught. Every once in a while, the rest of us get super lucky when photographers capture and distribute those moments. Here’s 10 Photos […]

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Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings

Philosoraptor is a one of the smartest and most hilarious memes on the planet. With profound and provoking questions, this meme is for thinkers. Here’s Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings.

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