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Moving Tip Calculator: How To Bribe Your Friends Into Helping You Move

Today’s economic situation leaves many unable to hire movers and after the exhausting toil of packing, corralling help lugging everything to a new place can be tough. Moving is a royal pain and finding people […]

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100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

Laughter is as essential to life as oxygen. Some laughs are good. Some are contagious. And some are absolutely diabolical. Here’s the proof with 100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs.

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Physician Calls For End To ‘War On Pubic Hair’

I’ve never understood the whole pubic hair shaving thing, and personally find it a major turn off. So I’m glad to see that a female doctor is offering good reasons to stop the epidemic practice:) […]

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Hilarious Sports Pics!

The 2012 Olympics were INCREDIBLE! And also incredibly funny at times. Here’s some photos of some of the more humorous moments over the years with Hilarious Sports Pics!

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10 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails

Before you pop the big question regarding slipping into wedded bliss, you may want to check out the following 10 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails. Live and learn from others’ oopsies.

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Why Michelle Jenneke Might Make a Good Wife

There’s a whole lot more to girls than eye candy. Especially when it comes time to choose a wife.

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Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor)

Just as females have “The Rules,” men have them too. Here’s a true and funny way to learn how to play fairly with Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor).

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Cakes For Completely Inappropriate Occasions

It seems there is a cake to commemorate EVERY event, no matter how good, bad, or completely surreal the event is. The funny folks at Cake Wrecks have collected the best of these silly confections […]

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24 Inappropriate Church Signs

Chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of a church sign or two while out driving around. Some have powerful messages about faith, spirituality, and the Big Guy Upstairs. And others…not so much. Here are 24 […]

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Jokes About Short People

The vertically challenged are often subject of jabs, puns, and other tales. It’s fun to pick on people’s differences from time to time. Here’s a stab at the little humans with Jokes About Short People.

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