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warning sex

15 Dumbest Sex Myths

Many people have very common misconceptions about good, old fashioned, naked hanky panky. Lots of people walk around misinformed regarding things like size, masturbation, and even means of preventing pregnancy. To help separate the facts […]

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During the SOPA Protest We Went Without Wikipedia…

What are we supposed to do when they can’t look things up on Wikipedia? These people decided to make up random false “facts” to spread around. Did you know the IV drip was named after […]

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How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Allowing yourself to get bored is a good indicator that you’re boring. Doing your best to remain active, engaged, and adventurous is the key to not only living a fuller life, but perhaps even being […]

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The Oatmeal’s SOPA

The U.S. government is pushing highly controversial legislation for SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and PIPA, Protect IP Act, in an attempt to “strengthen” and “protect” the World Wide Web, music industry, and film […]

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Under A Rest

Laughter is strong medicine. Nothing is better than a good belly laugh compliments of silly puns, especially if they take a cheap shot at music or the blessed people who play it. Here’s Under A […]

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chelsea don't wait

Chelsea Handler ‘Don’t Wait For Sex’

Comedienne Chelsea Handler graced TBS’ the Conan show airing on Tuesday and left the crowd in stitches, compliments of her straight shooting insights regarding sexual activity. The 36 year old was promoting her new show, […]

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Wedding Speeches

Weddings are great (as long as you’re attending as a member of the bridal party or guest.) Every wedding is a celebration with the food, the drinks, the cake, the music, and of course, toasts […]

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Distracted Driving Billboard Distracts Drivers

A racy billboard reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road is being taken down. Too many drivers reported that it was a distraction to them.

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5 Dating Sites For Terrible People To Find Terrible Love

Whether or not you’ve dipped your toe into (or perhaps plunged headfirst) into the Internet dating scene, chances are you’re aware how difficult it is to find a decent date. Much less one you’d like […]

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Perez Hilton's "OMFB" Birthday Party

Meghan McCain Tries to Use a Medium-Sized Word and Fails

On MSNBC today, Meghan McCain explained that the Obamas deserve some small emoticon of privacy. And in case you think it was just a slip, she said it twice.

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