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29 Crazy Happy Mugshots

Anybody who has ever found themselves on the wrong side of the law, cuffed, and ridden in the back seat of a police car to the station knows the Kodak moment of a crappy mugshot […]

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Best Of The Scumbag Parents Meme (17 Pics)

A kid is only as good as his or her parents. Good parenting requires consistency, stability, patience, selflessness, genius, love…and an endless list of qualities bordering superhuman powers. Conversely, bad parenting requires little effort and […]

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25 Funny Photos Of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Our clothes are a direct reflection of ourselves. What we wear affects others’ perceptions of us and allows us to express our individuality. Sometimes some folks take this to a point of no return extreme. […]

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Man Arrested for Smuggling Live Hummingbirds in his Pants

A Dutch man was arrested at Rochambeau airport in Cayenne, French Guiana after being caught trying to smuggle more than a dozen live hummingbirds in his pants. The birds were individually wrapped in cloth and […]

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29 Disobeyed Signs

Sometimes a sign just seems like an invitation to break a rule. Especially if it’s a dumb rule. Here are 29 signs being blatantly disregarded.

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15 Celeb Couples Who Still Baffle Us

The laws of attraction often defy the laws of logic as nothing makes sense when it comes down to love’s blindness. Everyone encounters “odd couples” who make us ponder “What the hell brought them together?” […]

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31 Photographs Comparing The Past To The Present

Pictures are great for capturing life’s memories and photographer Irina Werning has brought old memories back to life. Werning has collected a series of photos and recreated them using same conditions, subjects, and environments. Here’s […]

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Infographic: Concrete Mafia

Looking to dispose of a body but lack the means necessary for a clean burial? If you are then you’ve come to the right place, my friend, and what you need is concrete. The mafia […]

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25 Things Dogs Ruined

Dogs are man’s best friend until or unless they are left unattended with their own devices for long periods of time. Then our four legged canine companions morph into revenge seeking weapons of mass destruction. […]

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25 Signs You Spend Too Much Time On The Internet

There are many ways to know if your digital life is affecting your “real” life. If you find yourself regularly sleeping with your laptop in lieu of sleeping with a human, you may be spending/wasting […]

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