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15 Funny Quotes From Famous People

Celebrities are great for all sorts of wisdom. Learn from their examples, learn from their mistakes, and feed your brain with the following 15 Funny Quotes From Famous People.

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Reasons To Fear Canada

Canadians get a bad rap for being what they are, as do citizens from other many other countries. Neighbors to the North of the U.S. may be waaaayyy underestimated. Perhaps they should be taken more […]

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First-Time Sex Bloopers

From the magical communion of souls to hard core animalistic ravaging, sex can be a lot of things. And it can get screwed up. Sometimes the first time you bare your body to someone is […]

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12 Funniest “Honest” Advertisements

Imagine how marketing would transform if sellers accurately and truthfully portrayed their products to the masses. No more buyer’s remorse and money wasted on things that don’t work! Here’s the 12 Funniest “Honest” Advertisements.

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Scumbag Steve

Everyone knows someone who is just a plain vile, filthy scumbag who is nothing more than a lowlife. Here’s a funny meme for those not so great folks with Scumbag Steve.

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The 28 Funniest Facebook Comebacks

The world’s largest social network is perfect for friending your enemies, keeping dibs on your exes and starting all sorts of word slinging drama. Some rise to the challenge as you can see in The […]

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The Current Funniest Pictures

Laughter is good. Very good. Things from George Bush to muddy boobs are funny. Trust us. Here’s The Current Funniest Pictures to inspire you to chuckle.

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Tax Jokes And Humorous IRS Comics

Anything concerning the IRS and taxes are delicate matters. Often stressful and confusing, both make even the smartest people cringe. To lighten the burden, here’s Tax Jokes And Humorous IRS Comics.

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6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks To Movies)

Life is generally NOT accurately portrayed on the silver screen. In reality, the guy doesn’t get the girl, the hero doesn’t save the day, and guns can’t fire when dropped. Nor spark. Nor do many […]

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8 Types Of Laughter

If you chortle, giggle, chuckle and snort when you respond to something hilarious, chances are you’re human. The funny thing is most laughter can be distinguished within 8 categorizes. Here are 8 Types Of Laughter.

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