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All The Types Of Dancing Animals

Dancing isn’t just for people. Some of our furry friends from other species dance just like we do…but for different reasons. Here’s All The Types Of Dancing Animals.

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Celebrity Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are a staple of every craft kit but when famous images get googly all hilarious hell breaks loose. The genii at Celebrity Googly Eyes have created a laugh fest. Sit back, put your […]

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The Adult World As Misunderstood By Children

Raising kids is difficult. Teaching them everything you can is vital to their developing minds. Sometimes things get a little confused, particularly when a child’s perception is involved. hosted a contest showing kids’ views […]

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Accident Reports

Car crashes happen all of the time. Though they’re generally not something one laughs about, sometimes you just can resist. Especially if you read the following Accident Reports.

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50 Cats That Sum Up Your Hangover Perfectly

Hangovers are the painful price one pays for a night of partying. Some recover quickly and some feel like the cats in the following pictures look. Here are 50 Cats That Sum Up Your Hangover […]

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The 8 Best Business Movies Of All Time

The endless wheel of work never stops spinning. Whether you’re looking for a 9-5, loving the job you have, or absolutely despise your work, you’re going to love The 8 Best Business Movies Of All […]

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Rub Some Bacon On It

Most humans agree that EVERYTHING is better with bacon. The folks at Stuff I Stole From The Internet have a great video as proof. Here’s Rub Some Bacon On It.

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20 Phrases You Hear During Graduation And What They Really Mean

Graduations are inspiring. The time to celebrate the close of a chapter of life to begin a new one. Truth is life is usually what happens when people are making other plans so it’s best […]

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The 5 Stages Of Incessant Pop Music

Pop music is a like an ear disease you can’t get rid of. Supplicating to the masses, frequently devoid of valuable meaning, and generally bad for true music connoisseurs, pop is what it is. Oh […]

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Macho Driving Techniques

Men like to display their strengths and there’s no better way to do that than by climbing behind the wheel. The combination of speed, scowls, and precision gives men the opportunity to show off their […]

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