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The Anatomy of a Boss from HELL!

Having a bad boss is no joke. The fact is, a bad boss can have destructive effects on your health and on your family, as this infographic titled The Boss from Hell from Become Career […]

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Redneck Love Poetry

Comic Jeff Foxworthy once declared that a redneck is within “the glorious absence of sophistication.” His observation may or may not be true but the good news is the lesser privileged folks encompassed by the […]

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25 Absurd and Ridiculous Guidos

As a nation, we’ve become obsessed with Guidos, Guidettes and the general pageantry of ignorance and trashiness. You may scoff, but if you’re not careful you might slip, drop your dignity and find yourself trapped […]

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Normal Vs. Creepy (11 Comparisons)

There is a fine line between normal behavior and absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt completely creepy behavior. Anything goes as long as both parties are in agreement but being forewarned is being […]

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25 Phrases You’ll Hear When You Go Out, And What They Really Mean

There are three reasons why people go out to clubs, bars, and other places which serve alcohol: to get drunk, to get some action, or to get into a fight. Of these three reasons, there […]

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Parenting Fails

Raising happy and healthy children is a challenge, particularly when parents goof. Though people raising children try their best, they are only human. Here are Parenting Fails.

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A Roast For Betty White

Golden Girl and funny lady Betty White will be the next subject of this year’s Friars Club Roast. The ninety year old will be in the “hot seat” in Manhattan’s Sheraton Ballroom on May 16, […]

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22 Foods Allegedly Touched by God

It’s never really clear if people really think Jesus is appearing to them through their food, or if they are just trying to make a quick buck with as little effort as possible. Either way, […]

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If Men Ruled The World

The battle of the sexes has raged for [insert a number based upon your beliefs on how humans actually got here]. It’s a war. And nothing will change it. Except compassion. And humor. Here’s If […]

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Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

My grandfather always said a man gets “one good woman, one good gun, and one good dog in his life.” There’s always an exception. Here’s Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

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