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10 Stories You’ll Be Sorry You Missed This Year

Chances are you were too busy with work, kids, or whatever else you do in life and missed a few great Online stories. Luckily, the folks at Digg have collected some of the best 10 […]

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your wife

Confession Cards

We all have dirty little secrets we have to confess. Sometimes breaking the bad news is tough. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just give Confession Cards?

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The 16 Most Shocking Images Of The Next 12 Months

2012 is just around the corner and many expect it will be a great year. Others think it might be a year like the last. Whatever anyone thinks, the readers at have created some […]

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laughing chimmp

9 Pieces Of Bizarre Medical Advice That Actually Work

People will go to nearly any length to when they’re sick or hurting. If you think consuming human breast milk or engaging in some below the belt “self loving” is gross, don’t read any further. […]

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29 Accidentally Sexual Logos

It’s hard to believe that all of sexual oops in these logos were accidental… but who would do this on purpose? It’s puzzling.

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Store Sells Out of Canned Reindeer After Protest

When Vegetarians International Voice for Animals found out that canned reindeer pâté was being sold at an upscale department store in the UK, they sprung into action and launched a protest. You know what they […]

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tube ringer

12 Horrible Gifts To Say “I Hate You!”

If you’re feeling a little bit wicked this holiday season, chances are you’ve got a couple of people on your shopping list who have been a bit more than naughty. It’s also highly plausible you […]

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2011 Top 10: When Animals Are Jerks

Every year, humans slaughter billions of animals for food and recreation, which is why it’s not surprising that given the chance, many of them act like complete jerks towards us. Here’s 2011’s top 10 examples […]

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Karaoke Singer Beats the Crap Out of People After Getting Booed Off Stage

After being booed off stage during karaoke and asked to leave Cabana Jack’s, Isiah Johnson didn’t go home humiliated. Instead, he returned to the bar and punched three people in the face and went to […]

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2011, Buh-Bye!

Jib Jab has released perhaps one of the most hilarious videos on earth to honor and say goodbye to 2011. Between the economy, the 2012 Presidential Election, class wars, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and […]

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