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10 Photos Politicians Regret

Politicians aren’t perfect by any means. Sometimes they really goof and get caught. Every once in a while, the rest of us get super lucky when photographers capture and distribute those moments. Here’s 10 Photos […]

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Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings

Philosoraptor is a one of the smartest and most hilarious memes on the planet. With profound and provoking questions, this meme is for thinkers. Here’s Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings.

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The Blarney Stone

Ireland’s Cloch na Blarnan or the legendary bluestone rock laid into a tower of the Blarney Stone Castle is said to offer people who kiss it the gift of gab, or the ability to swoon […]

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Funny Shit On The Internet

Every day is a great day to laugh about anything, including the goofy stuff one can find while surfing the Interwebs. A collection of these goofy “stuffs” can be found here at Funny Shit On […]

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What The Contents Of Your Fridge Say About You

When you open someone’s fridge, what do you notice? And when you stand before your fridge, what do you see? The answers to the questions are rather revealing of the way you live your life. […]

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‘If You Can Make A Girl Laugh,” Plus 5 More Facebook Follies

Facebook is great for connecting people from your past, present, and even future. It’s also great for fantastically hilarious fails, bloopers, photobombs, and generally any post lacking foresight. Here is the proof with ‘If You […]

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How This Gun Saved A Man’s Life

Pleated Jeans has a great story about a bear, a man, a woman, and a Beretta. Happy Friday…this one will certainly make you laugh. Here’s How This Gun Saved A Man’s Life.

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prescribe me a porsche

Stress Relief Comics And Cartoons

A dose of humor is all one truly needs to shake off some pressure. Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen is an expert at this as the following Stress Relief Comics And Cartoons show. Coffee cheers to laughter!!

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Replacing Movie Quotes With YOLO

YOLO means “you only live once” and substituting this phrase in certain circumstances produces questionable results. Take your favorite line from a massively popular film and stick in YOLO just because you can and Voila! […]

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Funny Monday Morning Jokes

If every day could be as good as Sunday, the world would be a much happier place. Anything to brighten the sometimes harsh light of a Monday morning. To help kick start your week, get […]

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