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Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

My grandfather always said a man gets “one good woman, one good gun, and one good dog in his life.” There’s always an exception. Here’s Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

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Who doesn’t looovvveee boobies? Miss Cellania has collected some of the funniest Boobicons. Think emoticons but with nipples…wink…wink.

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How Do Men Deal With Bad Break Ups?

Everyone who has ever dated anyone has been dumped or dumped someone. Whether it was a short or long term relationship, splits happen – they are just a fact of life. While women tend to […]

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Naked Texting

Cell phones are a great way to capture every moment with a call, a text, or an image. Many people use their mobile to entice others. Here’s more with Naked Texting.

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The 10 Most Terrifying Guides To Sex is great for publishing content that is hilarious, mortifying, and absolutely scary. There is no realm left uncovered by the geniuses at Cracked and sex is no exception. Here’s a glimpse into the frightening […]

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18 Funny YouTube Comments

YouTube is one of the best sites to find all sorts of entertainment. From movies to music and silly clips of people doing what people do best, YouTube is a home-like place for millions. Of […]

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Geeks vs Hipsters

You may remember the infographic Geeks vs Nerds that we posted last month. Well, it turns out that there was a bunch of controversy over that infographic … some people thought the geek looked too […]

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5 Insanely Weird Facebook Conversations

Facebook is a great place to socialize digitally and let your friends know what you’re thinking, doing, or feeling. It’s a great place to commit small or large scale social suicide (depending upon how many […]

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Art Of Living

Growing up is tough. Growing wise is even more tough. Here’s a cute take on both subjects created by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics with the Art Of Living. It beats the alternatives, right?

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Happy Thursday! It’s time for a laugh. There’s nothing like a short joke to let off some giggles and provide comic relief. Here’s Shorties. Enjoy!

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