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The 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theories In The Simpsons

The Simpsons, an uber-popular hit cartoon, has made a legacy of not only poking at society but also conveying important messages. Including The 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theories In The Simpsons. Read it. It’s good…and funny…in […]

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Video: 15 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

How you feel inside of your skin affects everything you do outside of it. Start today to do whatever you can to feel great. And if you have trouble, watch the following Video: 15 Ways […]

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One Thousand Single Days

An imaginative and talented twenty eight year old single mother of two has chosen an usual path: to live without romantic love for one thousand days. Here are the inspiring stories of her adventure every […]

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Cats Can Be Really Stupid Sometimes

Cats in all of their cuteness can be really freakin’ dumb at times. Here’s the visual video proof with Cats Can Be Really Stupid Sometimes.

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Moving Tip Calculator: How To Bribe Your Friends Into Helping You Move

Today’s economic situation leaves many unable to hire movers and after the exhausting toil of packing, corralling help lugging everything to a new place can be tough. Moving is a royal pain and finding people […]

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manacial laugh

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

Laughter is as essential to life as oxygen. Some laughs are good. Some are contagious. And some are absolutely diabolical. Here’s the proof with 100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs.

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Physician Calls For End To ‘War On Pubic Hair’

I’ve never understood the whole pubic hair shaving thing, and personally find it a major turn off. So I’m glad to see that a female doctor is offering good reasons to stop the epidemic practice:) […]

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Hilarious Sports Pics!

The 2012 Olympics were INCREDIBLE! And also incredibly funny at times. Here’s some photos of some of the more humorous moments over the years with Hilarious Sports Pics!

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comic proposal

10 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails

Before you pop the big question regarding slipping into wedded bliss, you may want to check out the following 10 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails. Live and learn from others’ oopsies.

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Why Michelle Jenneke Might Make a Good Wife

There’s a whole lot more to girls than eye candy. Especially when it comes time to choose a wife.

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