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50 Shades Of Put It Away: The Worst Book Sex Scenes Ever

Sam Parker at the Huffington Post has a unique and funny take on how authors portray the hotter and heavier moments of their characters. Sometimes it leaves the reader feeling the heat. And other times…see […]

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Cartoondom’s Biggest Bitches

Cartoons are great for making people laugh. That’s why they were invented, right? Like little rays of sunshine, comics and cartoons usually shine a little light on our day…until one of the less than pleasant […]

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20 Costumes For Complete Assholes

If you’re a complete jerk, there’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t rock your bad self with a costume which suits your true self. Here’s some great ideas with 20 Costumes For Complete Assholes.

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18 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

Alright so you procrastinated. Or you’re broke. And you have only a few minutes to pull together a costume for Halloween. Learn from the following 18 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People to get ideas for […]

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Extremely Silly Photos Of Extremely Serious Historical Figures

It’s Monday and time to let in some laughter. Who better to have a good laugh at than the following Extremely Silly Photos Of Extremely Serious Historical Figures. Coffee cheers to them, you, and all […]

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Top Ten Signs You Need To Spend More Time Away From Your Desk

It’s called work because without it, you wouldn’t survive. And if you’re really, truly lucky, chances are you love your job (or some aspect of it) enough to actually want to spend most of your […]

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The Science Of Dogs

Dog owners and those who appreciate our canine best friends will love Cheezburger’s honest take on dog anatomy, the inner workings of their minds, and their funny behaviors. Here’s more with The Science Of Dogs.

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Probably The Most Insane Craigslist Dating Demands For A Girl Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (31 Pics)

The dudes at Brobible are great at highlighting hilarity. From one man’s six year quest at finding a perfect girl to the world’s funniest reminder to vote, the following collection of images is certain to […]

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I Hate Coconut

What’s white, flaky, and like shaved flecks of flavorless soap? Dried coconut. Yup, that royal bitch that lurks in chocolates, trail mix, and other treats you wish your enemies would choke on. And there’s an […]

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Craziest Excuses For Calling In Sick

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays) and just don’t want to work, chances are great you’re not alone. We’ve got some great advice to help you evade […]

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