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What’s Your Go-To Homemade “Lazy” Meal?

My goodness this might very well be the funniest Reddit I’ve read in a long, long time. Decide for yourself with What’s your Go-To Homemade “Lazy” Meal?

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17 Weird and Wacky Thrift Shop Finds

Garage sale season is upon us but the weather just SUCKS so we think we’ll go pop some tags at the thriftshop. And, of course, look out for theses 17 Weird and Wacky Thrift Shop […]

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This Tex-Mex Restaurant’s Hysterical Marquees Are Famous Nationwide!

It’s great when friends, food and laughter mingle over a great meal. And even better when passerby get to have a chuckle too. See This Tex-Mex Restaurant’s Hysterical Marquees Are Famous Nationwide!

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13 Memes Anybody Who Was Stuck In The Heavy Rains Today Will Understand

Rain, rain, and more rain seems to be the theme of the weather pattern ruling this spring. Quite frankly, it makes me just want to cry. But I’ll reach for laughter with these 13 Memes […]

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Obama’s New Job

Time to take a break from picking on President Donald Trump (Kathy Griffin picked on him enough for a while). Time to pick on former President Barack Obama. Check out Obama’s New Job.

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20 Parents Who Owned Their Kids On Facebook

Having been mortified by my folks my entire life, I do not run the risk of viral mortification via social networking by befriending my folks on Facebook. But some do. And some children pay the […]

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Parents Who Owned Their Kids On Facebook

The one and only reason why I can not be Facebook friends with my parents is because of their ability to publicly mortify me in real life. I won’t risk it before an audience of […]

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The Cake Is Talking To You

Time for a laugh break: when cake talks, you listen. Especially when it mentions your weight! Here’s The Cake Is Talking To You.

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Feeding the Deers

A hunter friend of mine once equated deer to “big rats” and I argued with him about their beauty and grace. I owe that hunter friend an apology after seeing this one! See why here […]

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Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny And Unusual Trail Cam Photos

Trail cams are great for hunting both game and humor it seems. See the best here with Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny and Unusual Trail Cam Photos.

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