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Putin On A Bear Action Figure

Happy Tuesday! It’s time to laugh (beats the hell out of tears, right?) I want this for Christmas! It’s the Putin On A Bear Action Figure. I’ll put it right next to my Obama bobblehead.

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20 Terrible Insults That Are Way More Confusing Than Offensive

Ever enter into a battle of words only to engage in mass miscommunication? I have. And these people have too. See the 20 Terrible Insults That Are Way More Confusing Than Offensive.

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What It’s Like To Try New Things In Bed

Whether you’re trapped dragging around a ball and chain, rocking your dating status, or just in it for the benefits, chances are you may need to up your horizontal game. The geniuses at College Humor […]

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11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We all know life can be tough at times. And it seems our ability to laugh off those tough times are what makes life worth living. See these 11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your […]

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At A Norwegian Eatery

I hereby declare it is time for a chuckle! And if I may, I’ll let it be at Donald Trump’s expense (he’s certainly got ego to spare!) Here’s At A Norwegian Eatery. Hahahahah!

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I Could Use A Stack Of These

Some days are just a &^%$ing &^%$. For those days, I present these great cards. Here’s I Could Use A Stack Of These.

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My Android just updated to Marshmallow and let me just say, adjusting my fingertips to the OS is a nightmare. I either sound like an oversexed moron or 7Njs%$#@. Apparently, others can relate. Lets laugh […]

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16 Deep Thoughts About Facebook So Accurate It Hurts

The wonders of Facebook never cease. It’s the digital land of oversharing, stalking exes, and pretend friendships with your enemies, it’s no wonder social networking leaves some of us a bit confused. And College Humor […]

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You Really Don’t Know Who People Are Until You Make A Vicious Snap Judgment About Them

People can be all kinds of things, whether we know them well or not. And it seems that the more opinions we hold of them, the more they surprise or even disappoint us. Read how […]

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This Is What Happened When My Mom Ran My Tinder For A Month

If you’re a Tinder type, chances are you’d never surrender the reins to someone like your mom. But this guy did. And it’s funny as hell. Laugh with him and read This Is What Happened […]

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