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Good Service

I probably shouldn’t but I will: have a laugh with Good Service.

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I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

The Trump – Clinton shitshow known as present day politics has taken quite a gnarly turn with highly publicized, hostile debates. Fortunately for those of us who love to laugh, LuckyTV took the worst and […]

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Why Do Jews Get Circumcised?

Whether man or woman, we all agree that any kind of lacerating of penii is sooooo not funny. Except for this joke. Why Do Jews Get Circumcised?

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My Wife And I Went On A Honeymoon To Australia

If you long to go down under where there are plenty of beaches, warm weather, sunshine, and kangaroos, this joke may not be for you. But it’s surely as funny as can be! Here’s My […]

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13 More Punny Halloween Costumes

October brings falling leaves and all kinds of things…including candy filled treats and tricky costumes. See the best of ‘em here with 13 More Punny Halloween Costumes.

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28 Extremely Satisfying Photos Of Parking Lot Justice

Ever search and search for a parking spot only to find some a**hole parked in a way that you’d never dare out of decency and respect for other parkers? I have. Which is why I […]

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25 Differences Between Dating As A Teenager Vs. Dating Over 50

Dating is generally an adventure for anyone but it’s especially wild for certain age groups. Check out these 25 Differences BEtween Dating As A Teenager Vs. Dating Over 50.

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50th Wedding Anniversary

Love and marriage go together like fire and gasoline for some. Like these great folks. Meet Mel and Bonnie to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

It seems the stupid are deestroying not only their relationships but also the earth at a rapid pace. And if you’re remotely inquisitive, you might wonder why. Here are the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity […]

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What’s The Dumbest Thing An Ex Said To Try To Win You Back?

Anyone who knows me knows that my romantic life is rather tragic due to my own poor choosing. So when it comes to break ups and break up lines, I’ve collected a few. The “Let’s […]

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