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Ryan Gosling Was Almost A Backstreet Boy

In “OOOH so glad he didn’t” news, actor Ryan Gosling almost belonged to a boy band per reports first mentioned by AJ McLean at TMZ. Here’s more with Ryan Gosling Was Almost A Backstreet Boy.

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15 Best Knock-Off Brands Ever

The “cream of the counterfeit crop” includes products and other offerings which may be even worse than the real thing. Or better. Either way it’s a matter of perspective. Enjoy the following list of the […]

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Best Of The Financial Advice Dog Meme

Man’s best friend is wiser than he gets credit for. And speaking of credit, since your wallet is exhausted from the holidays, you may want to follow the fun advice offered by the Best of […]

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Meme Watch: Grandma Finds The Internet, With Hilarious Results Of Course

What two things should people never pick on? Babies and old people. Apparently the lords of the ‘net forgot this rule with hilarious results. See for yourself with Meme Watch: Grandma Finds The Internet, With […]

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15 Hilarious Menu Items That Got Lost In Translation

If you’ve never had a taste for Spicy or Chocolate Puke, then chances are you experienced a funny menu typo. Everyone goofs including restaurant staff. Here is a good laugh with 15 Hilarious Menu Items […]

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Roast Of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s winning tiger blood was subjected to the fray of the good old heat of Comedy Central’s recent Roast. The result was a hotbed of hilarity. Here’s more with Roast of Charlie Sheen.

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Missed High Fives (15 GIFS)

The general rule of thumb and digits is to never leave a high five hanging. Some people have missed this rule somehow. Here’s the best of ‘em with Missed High Fives (15 GIFS).

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liquid assets

The Best Fiscal Cliff Memes

The budget trouble with lawmakers in the U.S. agreeing to disagree and forging a compromise between Republican and Democrat agendas was hot. And terrifically funny once it landed in the hands of creative internet geniuses. […]

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Zuckerburg’s Etiquette Sham

Former Facebook marketing director, Randi Zuckerberg (sister of the famous founder Mark) pulled off the most notorious publicity stunt of the holiday season after posting a picture of her family to the world’s largest digital […]

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Henri The Existential Cat: The Worst Noel

When you think too much about anything, most things not only don’t make sense but sometimes they really freaking stink. Even the joy of Christmas is tough. If your holiday was subpar, Henri Le Chat […]

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