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The Color of Advertising

Cute Babies and Other Common Advertising Themes

The average commercial runs for roughly 30 seconds. That’s not much time to grab the viewer and never let them go. Advertisers typically rely on a small set of sure-fire archetypes to win the audience […]

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If Popular Songs Were Shakespeare Sonnets

Today’s most listened to tunes would only be better with a touch of the 14 lined rhyme scheme using iambic pentameter. That’s right: the sonnet. Since the world’s most famous sonneteer penned over 154 of […]

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When Billboards Go Rogue

Billboards are great ways to grab attention, clutter up the countryside, and market products through oversized advertisements. As some of the most frequently vandalized objects on earth, billboards also serve as means of displaying opinion […]

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we're sorry pres is idiot

16 Funny Clothing Tags

Clothing manufacturers use tags to maintain their brand and surprisingly give consumers sound advice beyond laundering instructions. If you don’t believe me, read for yourself with 16 Funny Clothing Tags.

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12 Different Types Of Hangovers

Too much of anything is still too much. Whether you had one too many yoga poses, Taco Bell burritos, or cocktails, chances are you’re as hung as a sheet on a clothesline in the middle […]

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The Absolute Funniest Websites

Laughter cures everything. And the Internet is full of places to source out the endorphin rush that giggles render at any point in any given moment. Here’s The Absolute Funniest Websites.

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Funny Bathroom Graffiti

It’s a fact that everyone goes. It’s also a fact that everyone who goes in a bar and other public spaces is humored by the things written on stall walls. Here’s Funny Bathroom Graffiti.

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Hot Mess Mom

The joys of parenting are great and thankfully, there’s booze, blogs, and laughter for weathering the less than joyful moments. One of the best parenting blogs online is right here with Hot Mess Mom. You’ll […]

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Drunk Text Expectations Vs. Drunk Text Realities

Sometimes text messages can be hard to understand. This is especially true when someone drunk texts you after throwing back a few (or more) shots. The text they think they are sending is usually not […]

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What The Teacher Says… And What She Really Means

School days are full of knowledge regarding the information children actually learn and the people they learn it from. Before you attend your next parent-teacher conference, read through this one to gain a better understanding […]

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