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Pop Culture Finger Portraits

In my (somewhat limited) experiences, I’ve found that drawing a smile on a fingertip can brighten the day of nearly any person. The geniuses at Pleated Jeans have taken it a step farther with a […]

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10 Clever And Creative Costumes For Halloween

Harness your imagination or latch on to someone else’s for great ideas this Halloween. From Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally to the Gingerbread Man, Disney/Pixar lamps, and army men, the following 10 Clever And […]

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Funny: Girls Vs. Boys (14 Pics)

The battle of the sexes has been fought since the beginning of time. The truth is that each gender has its strengths and weaknesses. How each handles every day events from arguments to cleaning and […]

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How Not To Sleep With A Child: (Funny) Diagrams

Children are like bed bugs at times. They crawl into their parents’ beds and are nearly impossible to get out. The experienced mamas at Momania have a hilarious perspective with How Not To Sleep With […]

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Why It’s Hard Being A Grammar Nazi

As a true lover of words, simple things from surfing the web, reading a book, and texting a friend can lead to disappointment as blatant errors I consider the abuse and maltreatment of words happens […]

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Things To Do While Waiting For A Baby To Be Born

Waiting is one of the more challenging aspects of life…especially when a baby is involved. Especially when it’s not your baby. As idle hands are the devil’s worship, here’s Things To Do While Waiting For […]

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latin friends

250 Great Latin Phrases To Impress Your Friends

From Ovid to Horace, Cicero to Petrarch, Terence to Quintilianus, and a few more in between, philosophical minds devoted their best powers to craft some of the wisest, funniest, and sometimes ridiculous thoughts for the […]

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Pig Farming

Pig breeding may not be of any interest to you but without the fascinating creatures, the world wouldn’t have the gift of bacon. Since a day without laughter is a day not lived, pour a […]

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Extra Security

The folks at See Here have a funny take on keeping your home safe from intruders. A silly joke sometimes makes everything, even a random Tuesday, better. Coffee Cheers to Extra Security!

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Why Do Girls Throw Like A Girl?

It wasn’t until I was in my mid thirties that I learned how to properly toss a football AFTER A THREE YEAR OLD said “No. You’re [throwing it] wrong. Do it like this!” Fortunately, I’m […]

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