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The Best Viral Videos Of 2012

Beginning in January, Videogum spent much of the past 350+ days paying attention to the biggest, funniest, and hilariously contagious filmed footage of this year. From dancing babies to Gangnam Style, “Call Me Maybe” to […]

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Obama’s Roving Eyes

As the U.S. hinges on the financial fiscal cliff, lets alleviate some of the seriousness and deflate the conflict with a little humor. Have a laugh on us with Daryl Cagal’s cartoon of Obama’s Roving […]

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A Collection Of The Best Drunken Santas

When Santa dips a little heavily into the spiked eggnog, things get really funny fast….especially when they are part of Santacon in New York City. Raise your mug and salute them with coffee cheers while […]

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15 Funny Signs You’re A Mom

If you can’t wear black or white (or any color really) without being plastered with bodily fluids and food residue, and find that you hum the theme song of Dora The Explorer more than you […]

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How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s Top Phrases

For eight seasons on CBS , Ted, Marshall, Lillie, Robin, and Barney have captivated audiences with stellar, award winning humor about life and relationships. Though the cast is great, Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) […]

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18 Unexpected (And Real) Quotes By Famous Figures

Everybody these days seems to be reaching for or creating inspirational quotes and pinning a famous person’s face with the words. Sometimes they are fake (boo!) and sometimes they’re real. Here are some of the […]

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There’s Totally A Saint For That

Looking for a Saint to protect you from your mishaps? Chances are one exists. From the mundane to the utterly bizarre, it seems that no matter what your needs, There’s A Saint For That! Check […]

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A Very Grumpy Cat Christmas

If you’re feeling as grinchy as Scrooge this year, there’s a meme for that. Here’s A Very Grumpy Cat Christmas. Laugh. Raise your cup of coffee and get through the next 15 days with a […]

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17 Uncomfortable Moments Under The Mistletoe

Mistletoe hung where all can see sometimes renders seriously awkward moments between two people. Have a laugh at their expense thanks in part to convenient timing of a camera lens with 17 Uncomfortable Moments Under […]

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25 YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny

When everyone in the world can make or watch videos compliments of YouTube, things get pretty interesting. Especially in the “Comments” section. Whether you read or watch the things people post, here are 25 YouTube […]

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