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Why Cats are Better than Men

Cats are wonderful creatures and there are many reasons why people love them. Some people would even argue that cats are better than men (and especially better than your ex-boyfriend). Check out this infographic from to […]

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Sex Snafus That Ended Up In The E.R.

Cosmo is great for all things related to sex and sharing the naughty details. Whether the information they print is accurate or not is irrelevant since sometimes the content is so funny we can’t resist. […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong

When people do ordinary or every day things incorrectly, it’s best to be armed with a camera so the rest of the world can laugh. As long as Pleated Jeans collects the images. Here’s their […]

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The Good-O-Meter And God’s Grace

Ever wonder how well you’ve been living your life in the eyes of the Big Guy Upstairs? Some inventive folks have made a funny video depicting where most people rate with The Good-O-Meter And God’s […]

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A Bulldog Puppy Who’s Also A Cowboy

Happy Friday! Time to give a little love to man’s adorable best friend. Kick back and savor the following cute pics of A Bulldog Puppy Who’s Also A Cowboy and other pics! Have a great […]

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Well Put

The Chive has an excellent selection of wise words and tidbits of knowledge available for viewing and absorbing. Take a look at their great sayings and funny pictures with Well Put.

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25 Funny Notes Written By Kids

Kids have a ton of hilarity packed into their little bodies. When they sit down to channel their energy into creative projects, the results are ridiculously funny. Here’s the proof with 25 Funny Notes Written […]

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6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person is notorious for side splitting, shattering comedy laced tightly with irony, satire, wit, and truth. It’s no surprise that their 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person hits like a punch […]

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24 Celebrity Photobombs

The endless laughter photobombs evoke is made even more fantastic when it’s the faces of our favorite celebrities. Here’s more with 24 Celebrity Photobombs.

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peacock spider

10 Wild Ways To Woo A Mate

Lots of research has been conducted regarding the hunt and the chase in the pursuit of romance. Borrow some wisdom from our animal friends with 10 Wild Ways To Woo A Mate just be mindful […]

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