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24 Celebrity Photobombs

The endless laughter photobombs evoke is made even more fantastic when it’s the faces of our favorite celebrities. Here’s more with 24 Celebrity Photobombs.

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peacock spider

10 Wild Ways To Woo A Mate

Lots of research has been conducted regarding the hunt and the chase in the pursuit of romance. Borrow some wisdom from our animal friends with 10 Wild Ways To Woo A Mate just be mindful […]

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21 Funny Friday Pictures

Itttttt’ssssss FFFFRRRRRIIIIDDDDAAAYYYY!!!! Before you celebrate the kick off to the weekend, peruse the following 21 Funny Friday Pictures. Have a laugh! Have a cocktail! And above all else, have a GREAT weekend!!

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20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever

The ingredient for any good story is a great title. Usually. Some are just ridiculously funny. Here’s historical evidence with the 20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever.

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15 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots Ever

Mascots are the rare representatives for groups of people. With a mission to draw attention to the group, some mascots fell short of their purpose to draw attention and business to these groups, including restaurants. […]

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THE GRAPHIC TRUTH/ Embarrassing Things Vs. Time It Takes To Be Funny

Friends, enemies, and country men lend me your eyes: in the minutes between absolute humiliation and evoking laughter from the crowd lies total honesty. Here’s the pictorial representations of proof with THE GRAPHIC TRUTH/Embarrassing Things […]

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29 Totally Badass Grandmas

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are times you still need your grandma. Beyond the traditional cookie and pie making gray haired and plump sort, some grandmas are way more influential, funny, and […]

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EPSON DSC picture

Goats Yelling Like Humans

The bleat of a goat is kind of funny in itself but when these four legged creatures impersonate humans the result is beyond hilarious. Here’s two full minutes of such with Goats Yelling Like Humans. […]

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The 10 Funniest Superheroes – Video

Comic book lovers, geeks, and others can not resist the fantastic tales of heroic other dimension beings. From super strength to mighty missions, Superheroes are the bomb. Here’s a cute look at The 10 Funniest […]

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30 Pictures Of Dogs Beating You For Valentine’s Day

If people loved the way canines do, the state of holy matrimony would still be a mess. But it would be a lot more funny and slightly more romantic. With Cupid quickly lining his arrows […]

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