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7 Things You Don’t Realize About Addiction (Until You Quit)

If your history includes regular blackouts, chain smoking cancer sticks, doing gravity bongs, snorting powder from strippers’ derriere’s, a steady diet of porn, and various other habitually destructive activities, chances are great you are fully […]

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This Is How You Prank Somebody

Prepare your plans for next year’s April Fools Day jokes or just get a good laugh out of simple little tricks to play on your unsuspecting victims by checking out This Is How You Prank […]

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Lolcats: Don’t Bother Me

The folks at I Can Has A Cheezburger are well known for notoriously funny memes. If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, you’ll enjoy these Lolcats: Don’t Bother Me. Coffee cheers kickin’ off another […]

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17 Awesome Animated GIFS (4.10.13)

GIFS are moving art in the digital forest. And pretty freaking hilarious at times. Check out some of the best from this week compliments of Pleated Jeans with 17 Awesome Animated GIFS (4.10.13).

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Bad Drinks

If you’ve never wanted to swallow a Hot Mexican Hooker, Tapeworm, or Alligator Sperm, I don’t blame you. At. All. When bartenders linger too long on the darkside, the result is much like the following […]

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error haiku

Error Message Haiku

The rhythmic pattern of ancient Japanese poetry was updated with technology by the great Miss Cellania. Have a laugh with Error Message Haiku.

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Our Funny Friday Blog Post

Take a second to unwind by checking out the 100 Million Ideas site. They offer a laugh with Our Funny Friday Blog Post and also offer help to people living in poverty. Support the great […]

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26 Places Shibu Inus Don’t Belong

One of the six spitz Japanese breeds of dogs is also one of the most spirited and agile dogs on the planet. Plus they’re cute. And funny. Here’s 26 Places Shibu Inus Don’t Belong.

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Actresses Without Teeth

Bust a gut and raise your cup of coffee to celebrate the most hilarious pictures of Hollywood’s leading ladies minus their pearly whites. Here’s Actresses Without Teeth. Happy Friday!

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Why Cats are Better than Men

Cats are wonderful creatures and there are many reasons why people love them. Some people would even argue that cats are better than men (and especially better than your ex-boyfriend). Check out this infographic from to […]

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