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250 Great Latin Phrases To Impress Your Friends

From Ovid to Horace, Cicero to Petrarch, Terence to Quintilianus, and a few more in between, philosophical minds devoted their best powers to craft some of the wisest, funniest, and sometimes ridiculous thoughts for the […]

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Pig Farming

Pig breeding may not be of any interest to you but without the fascinating creatures, the world wouldn’t have the gift of bacon. Since a day without laughter is a day not lived, pour a […]

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Extra Security

The folks at See Here have a funny take on keeping your home safe from intruders. A silly joke sometimes makes everything, even a random Tuesday, better. Coffee Cheers to Extra Security!

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Why Do Girls Throw Like A Girl?

It wasn’t until I was in my mid thirties that I learned how to properly toss a football AFTER A THREE YEAR OLD said “No. You’re [throwing it] wrong. Do it like this!” Fortunately, I’m […]

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Hilarious Awkward Moments In Male Cheerleading

Male cheerleaders are hard to find but usually good at the important stuff. Like making us laugh our asses off. Here’s more with Hilarious Awkward Moments In Male Cheerleading.

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8 Types Of Karaoke Singers

Anyone who has stopped into a bar on a random weeknight has likely suffered the torment of karaoke night. It seems that some people (most fueled with plenty of liquid courage) do a number on […]

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Cheesiest Couples’ Halloween Costumes

The approach of Halloween is near. If you’re one half of a twosome this year, chances are great you’re planning the perfect costume. Before you step out to do a little grown up trick or […]

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Mugshot Doppleganger

Most of us know a doppleganger is the parallel universe double version of a living person which often represents evil or misfortune. Whether they exist or not is rather irrelevant since many great artists pick […]

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Top Dating Blogs You’re Not Reading – But Should Be

Believe it or not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you’re single and swimming the dating sea, you can attract everything from piranhas to sharks and all things in between. For insight, […]

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What To Say When Someone Asks You About Your Age

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to grow old. As the years pass, many hesitate when its time to reveal their true age. Others don’t. Either way, you’ll get a chuckle out of the Oatmeal’s […]

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