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25 Awesome Baby Photobombs

Kids, and particularly very young ones, do the darnedest things. And sometimes, we get lucky when a camera catches these things. Have a laugh with these 25 Awesome Baby Photobombs. It’s FRIDAY!

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Putin On The Ritz

Life without laughter is just life. Live it to the fullest by having a chuckle on us with Putin On The Ritz.

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What Is The Dirtiest/Funniest/Going To Hell For Joke You Know?

To kick off a totally inappropriate laugh fest, give Chris Rock’s “Marriage” a listen. Then click on the following link to go where one bold Reddit user posed a question and got give or take […]

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Fighting Fit

It’s always a great time for bad jokes. Though we don’t support violence, we support satirical humor. So here’s to you with our wishes for a Happy Freaking Friday with Fighting Fit.

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school starts

Resistance Is Futile

Whether you love it or loathe it, nothing will change it: iiiitttttttttttt’ssssssss back to school time! Kick the new school year off with a laugh by checking out Resistance Is Futile. Coffee cheers!

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50 Funny Things A Geek Should Know

If you were subjected to a “geek-o-meter,” do you know just how geeky your inner (or outer) dork is? Test yourself here and learn something with 50 Funny Things A Geek Should Know.

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Brain Divided

Josiah Haworth submitted an animated short to Cartoon Brew’s 4th Annual Student Animation Festival which sums up nearly every blind date imaginable. Plus it’s sheer genius as the hopeful mind battles wisdom in matters of […]

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The 20 Worst Facebook Relationship Fails

The world’s biggest digital social network is home to sharing tons of information. And often the stage for big blunders – especially when it comes to romance. Check out The 20 Worst Facebook Relationship Fails.

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Conan Launches An All-Joke Meme Database

Conan O’Brien has taken comedy to a new level: online. See his brillant hilarity here with Conan Launches An All-Joke Meme Database.

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Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe

The number one way to prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence. Here’s your proof with Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe. Coffee cheers to prophylactics!

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