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Is That All You Care About?

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure it’s well past time to laugh. So, here’s Is That All you Care About?

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Biggest Dating Fails

From how you touch your date to how you perceive a date is going, dating (and also mating, relating, and extricating yourself from a relationship) is hard. But hilarious too. See a funny take on […]

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Jokes About Kids

Nobody does comedy like Comedy Central. And few do Jokes About Kids as well as the groups of talented individuals heck bent on making us laugh! Smile. It’s TUESDAY!

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14 Hilarious Examples of Being Friend-Zoned on Facebook

Men and women are programmed differently. That’s easy for some to accept. And not so easy for the guys (and perhaps girls) stuck in the dreaded nether of friendship only when they want more, more, […]

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Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Non-Mean Pranks On The Planet

Happy April Fool’s Day! Did you pull any pranks on the unsuspecting people around you? Tricksters can get their ideas here in the Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Non-Mean Pranks On The Planet.

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18 Facebook Statuses That Are Actually Worth Reading

Accept it: Facebook’s allure has faded. Everyone has overshared all of the mundane and not so mundane details of their lives. So it’s just a giant bore mostly except for the occasionally phenomenal status. Like […]

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The 25 Best Sports Comedies Ever Made

The only thing better than actual sports events for most sports fans is sports movies. Especially when they are funny. Check out the most awesome movies here with The 25 best Sports Comedies Ever Made.

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Men are capable of great things. And they are also human. They mess up. And do some really stupid sh*t. See the worst of it here with Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

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There Can Be Only One – Funny Sibling Rivalry (35 Pictures)

Brothers, sisters, and brothers and sisters all fight for their parents’ attention/s. Some way more than others. And lucky parents get some silly pics of those moments. See the best of ‘em here with There […]

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Worst Headline Yet

If you pay any attention to the newspaper, you know that Obama’s approval rate, unemployment, inflation, and a bunch of other stuff make for bad news. But beyond that, this one is by far the […]

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