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25 YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny

When everyone in the world can make or watch videos compliments of YouTube, things get pretty interesting. Especially in the “Comments” section. Whether you read or watch the things people post, here are 25 YouTube […]

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15 Things You Should NEVER Say To His Mom

It’s usually safe to assume how a man treats his mother is a good indicator of how he’ll treat you, there are certain things you must never let slip or confess when engaging with the […]

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The Seven Idiots You Saw At The Bar Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving traditions never end. And only get better when every bird who flew the coup travels back home (or for ones which didn’t fly just meander down the street) to their local pub to officially […]

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15 Hilarious Counterfeit Product Names

Every bad thing has a good side. Or so they say. In that spirit, here are 15 hilarious cases of intellectual property theft, most of which derive from Asian countries like China. Obama Fried Chicken […]

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Our Craziest Thanksgiving Stories, To Help Get You Through The Weekend

Some of our most hilarious, wackiest moments happen when family, friends, and food mingle on holidays. The day we honor our thanks is often fraught with all kinds of mishaps. To help remind you we’ve […]

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‘Stop. Don’t. Come. Back.’

Comedian Jon Stewart of the Daily Show cred has a uniquely hilarious take on politics, religion, and nearly everything. Though his words are infused with humor, his messages are often dead on and brutally honest. […]

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10 Secret Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had

Our bodies are marvelous and fascinating. Under proper (and improper) conditions they truly amaze us. From drinking and smoking to child-rearing and other functions, we humans are remarkable. And funny as the following 10 Secret […]

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Your Biggest ‘WTF’ Moments In Life

Internet forums are generally inherently like car accidents. If you spend any time online, chances are you either can’t turn your eyes away, avoid them all together, or only look on the fly. One such […]

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The overuse of an expression or idea to the point that it loses its ultimate purpose or effect is known as a cliche. Like a tired old trend, cliches can fill our brains with empty […]

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3 Texts You Should Never Send

As one of the last to know that “Are you still awake?” translates into “This is a middle of the night request for booty,” the dating game has several not so obvious rules with hidden […]

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