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The 11 Most Incredible Moments In “Dad Reflex” History

Let’s take a minute to raise our glass and thank all of the fathers in the world who not only teach their children well but keep them safe. Then let’s just have a good freaking […]

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14 Signs That Aren’t Holding Back The Truth

The crazy kids at College Humor know a thing or two hundred about making us laugh our asses off. So when they scoured the universe in search of some seriously funny signs, this is what […]

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20 Funny Store Receipts

Ever read the fine print after you pump your gas, pay your tab, or hit the store? You should because of these 20 Funny Store Receipts.

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27 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Christmas Vacation’

Clark Griswald, family, and crew have evoked giggles with their hilarious antics for over 30 (!) years. And you may think you know the films but chances are you don’t. Here are 27 Things You […]

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The 25 Pictures Girls Need To Stop Posting In Social Media

Are you fed up with Facebook because of the mundane crap you find on it? Lets start a revolt by banning The 25 Pictures Girls NEed To Stop Posting In Social Media. Enough already.

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You Don’t See That Everyday

After a certain age, it’s kind of nice to know that we’ve seen just about there is to see. And sometimes it’s refreshing to be surprised. Laugh, smile, and enjoy You Don’t See That Everyday.

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Just Some Normal Pictures From Russian Social Networks

Russians are a bit different than the rest of the world. Blame the cold. Blame the country’s political leaders. Blame whoever you want it does no good anyway. Life there is harsh at times…but apparently […]

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Whether your day is just starting or just ending, it doesn’t matter: you deserve both a break and a laugh. Do that here after you take a peek at Shingles. You’ll giggle I promise…

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The Elementary School Bachelor

Some kids are born knowing they want the full show: huge wedding, white dress, white picket fence. And others, like myself, were born knowing they want the complete opposite. Have a Happy Wednesday chuckle with […]

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Behind The Writing On The Stalls

When you have to use a public loo, do you notice the crazy, funny, or just plain horrible things you find scrawled on the walls? Check out Behind The Writing On The Stalls to see […]

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