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Hope This Is A Mistake

If you read the classifieds, chances are you’re quite familiar with typos and errors. Maybe you even laugh at them. Especially when they are as bad as this one! Here’s Hope This Is A Mistake.

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The Long History of Musicians Telling Republicans To Stop Playing Their Music

Hey Republicans (and perhaps even Democrats) this one might fester a while. Throughout the years, politicians have reached for one weapon known to strike the hearts of all men (and women): music. And some music-makers […]

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The Effects of Porn

Life gets a little heavy at times and we all need an escape. Some people turn to food. Others to porn. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is not up to us. […]

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Animals In Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Ever wonder what wild animals think of themselves? A French photographer set out to find out just that. Laugh your laugher off here with Animals In Mirrors Hilarious Reactions.

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Reading LinkedIn Profiles Out Loud

LinkedIn is a great place to find employment opportunity. It’s also a great place to find unintentionally seriously funny stuff. Check out this clip of Reading LinkedIn Profiles Out Loud.

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13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make

What happens when you pair man’s best friend with one of man’s best inventions? Comedy. Check out this great list of the 13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Commencement speeches are notorious for droning endlessly and offering ingratiating gratitude. Fortunately Reddit’s here with reality when it comes to graduating and giving thanks. Laugh here with Credit Where Credit Is Due.

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15 Ways Fictional Characters Must Have To Date And Have Sex

Ever think too much about romance in cartoons, fairy tales and Disney stories? The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is you’re as sick as the folks at Cracked. See what their […]

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27 Unintentionally Hilarious Movies That Are So Bad They’re Great

Hollywood is great at churning out entertainment. But what if their goal with each film not only fell short of the mark but caused riotous laughter? See the worst of the best here with 27 […]

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Wait…Aren’t These Objects In Movies From Totally The Wrong Era?

Actors aren’t the only people who mess up in Hollywood. Catching movie goofs is a rather fun past time. See for yourself with Wait…Aren’t These Objects In Movies From Totally The Wrong Era?

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