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How To Suck At Your Religion

The “comic-edic” (comic plus comedic….get it? Haha!) folks at the Oatmeal know a thing or two about being funny. And they know a thing or two about hilariously offending the masses. Read more here with […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Wal-Mart Like This

Patron’s of Sam Walton’s worldwide discount stores are unique. See the most interesting here with Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Wal-Mart Like This.

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A Thanksgiving Rant From John Oliver

In terms of screwball traditions, America takes the cake…and the turkey. See A Thanksgiving Rant From John Oliver for more!

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Mattel Apologizes For Making Barbie Look Incompetent in Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer

In “Oh, Sh*t!” news, acclaimed makers of the world famous buxomy doll Barbie are in deep. It seems they’ve encountered a silly snafu in today’s digital jungle. Read about it here with Mattel Apologizes For […]

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20 People Who Should NOT Be Taking A Selfie Right Now

Youngsters are quite adept at capturing their vanity in all kinds of situations by snapping pics of themselves. Unfortunately, their timing is often off. See the worst of it here with 20 People Who Should […]

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Chelsea Handler Recreates Kim Kardashian’s Bare Butt Pic & Challenges The Internet To Let It Stay

Comedienne Chelsea Handler is back and this time she wants to break the Internet while poking at Kim Kardashian’s attempts to do the same. See Chelsea take a stand against Instagram and the resulting hilarity […]

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Married For 40 Years

Marriage is tough. It’s lots of work and lots of other stuff. And sometimes it can be funny…as in the case of this link. Here’s Married For 40 Year.

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Eminem Threatens To Punch Lana Del Rey In The Face, Azealia Banks Defends Her

Rapper Eminem is back…and he’s at it again! In the deployment of his creative license, he started a celebrity brawl (again.) Dear God, when will the world understand Marshall’s the MC of Pop Culture Satire??! […]

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6 Truths About Being A Second Wife

The only thing worse than getting divorced the first time may be getting divorced a second time. So extend some understanding to the woman who stands by your former man or the woman brave enough […]

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21 People Who Were Forced To Improvise And Totally Killed It

Spontaneity is essential in getting through some of life’s best and worst experiences. See how some did just that and managed to laugh in the face of the not so good stuff with 21 People […]

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