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Conan Launches An All-Joke Meme Database

Conan O’Brien has taken comedy to a new level: online. See his brillant hilarity here with Conan Launches An All-Joke Meme Database.

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Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe

The number one way to prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence. Here’s your proof with Condoms Aren’t Totally Safe. Coffee cheers to prophylactics!

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Bass Dogs

When man’s best friend is photoshopped into pictures of the musicians who carry the weight of a tune on their bass, the results are absolutely freaking hilarious. See for yourself here with Bass Dogs. Coffee […]

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Erase Your Hated Ex From Memory With This Mom’s Genius Trick (PHOTOS)

Socrates once quipped: “The hottest love has the coldest end” and there may have never been words so true. Especially when break ups happen. What once sparked the fire of your heart now evokes the […]

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An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards

Someecards are notorious for satire. And when it comes to relationships, their truth is hilarious. Check out An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards.

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Bad-Candy.Com: The Ultimate Bad Candy Website

Depending upon how stringent your gluten free Paleo diet or wellness dedicated life is, chances are you consider candy not fit for human consumption. And it seems your opinion isn’t the only one. Check out […]

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10 Jokes For Friday Night

Liven up your cocktail hour or help pass the minutes ’til quitting time by sitting back, relaxing, and having a good laugh. Here’s a good place to start with 10 Jokes For Friday Night.

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19 Hilarious Signs You’re Definitely A Parent

Parents are different from childless folks. And easy to identify in crowds even when their tantrum throwing two year old isn’t present. Love every minute and have a chuckle on us with the 19 Hilarious […]

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Latest Parenting Method: CTFD

David Vienna, writer and father, has a great article on one of the most inspirational parenting techniques ever. It’s available over at Huffington post and you can read about it here with Latest Parenting Method: […]

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Carried Like A Baby

Funny man Mark Malkoff has taken his career as a comedian, author, and filmmaker to a new peak just by strapping on to 7 ft tall actor Grizz Chapman and hanging out in New York […]

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