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Ginger Memes

As the only woman in a house of four men with two being redheads, my life is chaos. An ordinary person probably couldn’t handle it. Thankfully I was a red head when I was born […]

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We’ve all heard the “if you can read this, it’s too late” but you have NEVER seen something as hilarious as this tombstone. RIP Janet and many, many thanks for the laughs!

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What Costs More Than It’s Worth?

When posed with the Redditor’s What Costs More Than It’s Worth, my mind instantly conjures up an institution many people enjoy, clothing, and other things. See what everyone else has to say!

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Parents Confess: 26 Honest, Hilarious Parenting ‘Fails’

If you’re a parent, you’ve accepted that not only life is imperfect but you are too. Sometimes those imperfections make for tears. Others for laughter. So check out some here with Parents Confess: 26 Honest, […]

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My Friend Brought My Wife Back A Magnet From Washington D.C.

One risk taking Redditor submitted an upload of his friend’s (suspicious) gift for his wife. But it’s still ridiculously funny as hell. Have a laugh with My Friend Brought My Wife Back A Magnet From […]

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Funny Pic Dump

Time to laugh until we cry. Or cry until we laugh. Hold your sides and check out this Funny Pic Dump.

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George Bush Dies And Goes To Hell

What do Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George Bush have in common beyond being past presidents? This HILARIOUSLY HILARIOUSLY FUNNY joke. Read George Bush Dies And Goes To Hell.

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13 Facebook Burns There’s Absolutely No Recovering From

Life has a way of handing you your a$$ from time to time. And Facebook seems to be the most likely place to do it (other than your kids). Here’s 13 Facebook Burns There’s Absolutely […]

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22 Women Describe the Worst Date They’ve Ever Been On

Bad dates happen. And often they turn into stories we tell for years after. So have a chuckle or cringe with 22 Women Describe The Worst Date They’ve Been On.

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There’s something really sweet about brief but hilarious jokes. So enjoy these Shorties.

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