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Best of Halloween Tricks on Twitter

Who Tweets besides Donald Trump? Pranksters, that’s who! Check out the Best of Halloween Tricks on Twitter here!

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Happy Halloween to your ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, and crew! Check out our collection of our favorite Halloween collection over at Pleated Jeans.

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So We’re Posting Dogs In Costumes

Halloween Eve is here! Celebrate in style with this great pup dressed up or something. Here’s So We’re Posting Dogs In Costumes…

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24 Tweets That’ll Make Married People Feel Normal

The blessed (and sometimes cursed) institution of marriage is one most people attempt at some point or another. And the more laughable aspects of the weirdness of trying to share a life with someone can […]

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Harsh But Fair

When it comes to finding inspiration, have you noticed it seems those in the worst places in their lives reach for the more hopeful memes and images for inspiration? Check out Harsh But Fair.

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If Toddlers Could Post, Facebook Would Be Hilarious

Since toddlers rule the universe (ask anyone who has one), we thought it’d be great to ponder the bigger possibilities…like if they ruled social media. Check out If Toddlers Could Post, Facebook Would Be Hilarious.

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Nate The Snake

It’s Thursday and it feels as though the week has slowed to a c-r-a-w-l. So we might as well take a coffee break and have a chuckle with Nate The Snake.

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Betty White

We all love Golden Girl Betty White. Her beauty, her wit, and her humor resignate far and long. See her take on social media connections here!

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21 Funny Posts About Anxiety So You Can Laugh Nervously

If you struggle with stress and anxiety, you know how hard it is to just get through a day – let alone laugh. So take a deep breath and poke fun at the very source […]

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10 Clever Halloween Pun Costumes

Halloween is a great time to let your spririt free and get some laughter into the universe while collecting candy and partying in costume. See some of the best here with these 10 Clever Halloween […]

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