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Feeding the Deers

A hunter friend of mine once equated deer to “big rats” and I argued with him about their beauty and grace. I owe that hunter friend an apology after seeing this one! See why here […]

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Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny And Unusual Trail Cam Photos

Trail cams are great for hunting both game and humor it seems. See the best here with Trail Cam Bloopers: Funny and Unusual Trail Cam Photos.

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We have all heard of or even watched the child favored “Teletubbies” show at least once in our lives. And it seems a group of dad’s inadvertently re-enacted the show. See Telehubbies for yourself…

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A Clear Browsing History Means A Dirty Browsing History

We’ve all heard that “If I die, be sure to wipe out the browsing history on my laptop (or phone or tablet or other device).” And we all know that A Clear Browsing History Means […]

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Off The Record

Time to jab the President just for laughs. Check out Off The Record. HA!

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The Circle Of Life Has Some Overlaps

Do you like to think big thoughts? Guegss what!?!? I do, too. Have a little margarita and laugh to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with The Circle Of Life Has Some Overlaps.

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The Memes of Trump’s First 100 Days

President Donald Trump (and the rest of the world) can officially celebrate: we all survived 100 days of his presidency. And it seems to be going ok considering the mess he/we inherited. So, why not […]

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It’s All Fun And Games

If you’re one of those who finds watching silly animal clips humorous, this one is for you! Here’s It’s All Fun And Games.

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#JustGirlyThings: Expectations Vs. Reality (19 Pics)

It’s Friday and it’s time to let a little laughter in. Check out these hilarious images of #JustGirlyThings: Expectations Vs. Reality (19 Pics).

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HMB While I Take Your Bullshit Sobriety Test

Here’s another reason to not drink and drive (like killing someone’s grandpa is worth getting behind the wheel loaded): You look dumb as hell when the police nab you. See video proof here with: HMB […]

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