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Why Do We Love Cats So Much?

Some people love cats and others hate them. But if you take a stroll through the interwebs you will see that most people online love the furry creatures. Check out this infographic to learn about […]

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Baby Covered In French Bulldogs

These Frenchie pups snuggling with a newborn will brighten your day almost in spite of the North Korea Nuke threat, economy, and zillions of other things better left unsaid. Lets these pics of a Baby […]

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Set Fire To The Rain Visualized

The combination of one of Adele’s greatest songs, “Set Fire To The Rain,” combined with the wit and sarcasm of a meme results in a belly laugh for anyone who appreciates such things. Check out […]

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Game Of Cats (18 Pics)

HBO’s uber-popular Game of Thrones has gotten a makeover thanks to the funny folks at Pleated Jeans. Take a look at what happens when the series transforms into the Game Of Cats (18 Pics).

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A Bulldog Puppy Who’s Also A Cowboy

Happy Friday! Time to give a little love to man’s adorable best friend. Kick back and savor the following cute pics of A Bulldog Puppy Who’s Also A Cowboy and other pics! Have a great […]

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25 Funny Notes Written By Kids

Kids have a ton of hilarity packed into their little bodies. When they sit down to channel their energy into creative projects, the results are ridiculously funny. Here’s the proof with 25 Funny Notes Written […]

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The Singing Presidents

It’s Presidents Day 2013! To celebrate the day off from school, work, and (hopefully) other responsibilities, here’s The Singing Presidents of Mount Rushmore. Sing a song and carpe Diem!

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30 Pictures Of Dogs Beating You For Valentine’s Day

If people loved the way canines do, the state of holy matrimony would still be a mess. But it would be a lot more funny and slightly more romantic. With Cupid quickly lining his arrows […]

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Top 15 Funniest And Cutest Baby Videos

You may or may not agree but babies are truly the best stuff on earth. In all of their adorableness, they are beautiful, hilarious, and a sheer joy to humanity. Here’s the proof with the […]

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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

The Oatmeal has never been a site which holds back on straight shooting albeit hilarious truth. They’ve devised a great way to get more “likes” on Facebook and beyond with a simple approach one can […]

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