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The 10 Most Elaborate Easter Eggs Hidden In Great TV Shows

The Easter bunny will soon ascend upon the land to welcome spring, deliver goodies, and rack up dental bills for everyone! Yeah! Here are The 10 Most Elaborate Easter Eggs Hidden In Great TV Shows […]

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15 Moms Who Earned That ‘Best Mom’ Mug The Hard Way

Motherhood is not easy at times. As any mom you know just how hard the more difficult aspects of parenting are. Or see the visual proof here with these 15 Moms Who Earned That ‘Best […]

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He Has Come

Time for a fun break to celebrate Happy Friday! Here’s He Has Come.

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10 Great St. Patrick’s Day Quotes

Good morning lads and lassies! Today is the day to sport your green and drink beer like an Irishman. While you’re swigging your mead, vodka or whatever your pleasure, peruse these 10 Great St. Patrick’s […]

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How To Be Single Review

While are the men in the universe flock to the movies to see that latest Superhero film, us ladies are keeping an eye on the How To Be Single Review. It looks like the critics […]

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It’s Mardi Gras

Carnival is on! Show us your t**s, get your fill of bourbon, and have yourself a lovely day! It’s Mardi Gras!

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When You Get Buried In Snow But Your Dog Is A Retriever

The Blizzard of 2016 smacked portions of the East coast last week and as they dig out from the massive storm, some people took time to find the laughter in the mess. Here’s When You […]

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Dad Turns His Baby Son Into A Real-Life Elf On The Shelf

What happens when the sheer genius of one creative dad, one adorable baby, some tech savvy photoshopping, and one naughty elf combine forces? Laughter. See this adorable link of Dad Turns His Baby Son Into […]

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Geek Car Model

Gamers check this out. Someone converted their car to super dork. See this Geek Car Model and have a laugh.

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Chimps Like Movies Starring People In Ape Suits

If you’re a believer in that thing called evolution you may very well just enjoy this link. It seems a team of researchers noticed that Chimps Like Movies Starring People In Ape Suits. And that […]

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