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10 Funniest Parents Texts

Nothing proves the disparity between parents and technology better than text messaging.  Some folks just don’t get it.  Here are the 10 Funniest Parents Texts.

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What’s The Best Non-Sexual Sensation Ever?

If taking a hot shower after standing in the rain, dressing in still warm from the dryer clothing, the cool side of your pillow, or shaving your legs and sliding into bed is your thing, […]

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The World’s Funniest Analogies

The Annual English Teacher’s awards for best student metaphors and analogies have been collected.  Our pick for the best is: “He fell for her like his heart was a mob informant, and she was the […]

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The Cute Cartoony Watercolors Of Mark A. Fionda, Jr.

Artist Mark A. Fionda, Jr. has taken characters from some of the best films and cast them into some of the cutest images available.  If Goonies was (or still is) your favorite film from the […]

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20 Pics of Babies Dressed as Food

For the sake of these babies, it is a good thing we do not live in a cannibalistic society. Otherwise, dressing your baby in this manner would surely be a case of child abuse!

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Kid Calls 911 for Math Help

Everyone has heard about the idiots who call 911 about a missing Chicken McNugget or that they can’t find their keys. But this 911 call for help will put a smile on your face instead […]

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Coolest Prom Dress Ever

Finding the perfect prom dress can sometimes mean hours upon hours of retail agony for the high school girl and her parents.  Check out how this mother spent 6 years collecting Starburst wrappers and weaving […]

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Stop Animal Cruelty Now!

Have we not learned the lessons from the Michael Vick saga? Have we not seen enough Sara McLachlan ASPCA ads? Apparently the answer to these questions is no after seeing these appalling examples of animal […]

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The 20 Best Zoo Signs

One would expect to see a “Do not feed the animals” sign at the zoo. But these zoo signs are truly a work of a genius.

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25 Great Fictional Couples

It is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. As a result, here are the best 25 couples in television and cinema history. Shockingly, Forrest Gump and Jenny didn’t make this list even though […]

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