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Kids Are Nihilists

Being a kid and having them is a great thing for most people.  Kids are wonderful little people with minds of their owns.  But with great power, comes great responsibility…or something like that.   Sometimes they’re […]

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9 Things Men Would Never Do If Women Didn’t Exist

A world without women would be a much different place, especially since men wouldn’t exist (wink..wink.)  Just for fun’s sake, lets pretend (just a second) and consider what men wouldn’t do without women in their […]

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Pickup Lines Used By Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fanatics are generally not considered great at picking up women.   Perhaps their light sabers and movie obsession get in the way of attraction.  Whatever the cause, the effects were generally the same until […]

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The Top 9 Rejected Lines In Casablanca

Fans agree that Casablanca is one of Hollywood’s greatest films.  It’s script shines, it’s characters are (seemingly) flawless, and the romantic themes hit close to the heart.  The folks at MissCellania have rewritten some of […]

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What Really Happened In The November Rain Video

The epic Guns-N-Roses ballad November Rain is a timeless song to fans.  The video, however, left everyone a bit perplexed.  Here’s a comical look at What Really Happened In The November Rain Video.

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12 Craziest Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a sweet confection best savored on birthdays, special occasions, or just because.  Sometimes people take decorating cupcakes to an extreme.  Here are the 12 Craziest Cupcakes.

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Men’s Rules: Guide For Women (Humor)

Men and women have been battling their differences for ages.  It’s a fact of life that men are dominant, aloof, and simple while women are submissive, emotional, and complicated.  The solution to accepting gender differences […]

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What Does Your Favorite Muppet Say About You?

The Muppets, created by the legendary Jim Henson, have a new movie slated for theaters December 2011 but anyone who’s anyone has loved them for decades.  Your favorite Muppet character is supposedly a direct reflection […]

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Are You Drunk Enough?

A genius at Cajun Mike’s created a flow chart to determine your level of sobriety and if that next round is worth a shot.  Which brings us to the Friday night question: Are You Drunk […]

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Cat Physics

Cats are not nearly as domesticated as most people believe.  Cats live by their own laws, generally at the expense of their “masters.”  Here’s Cat Physics.

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