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50 Cute Baby Animals That Make You Smile

There is something very endearing about baby animals. Maybe it’s their size. Maybe it’s their adorableness. Whatever the cause, here are 50 Cute Baby Animals That Make You Smile.

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The Second Date Story

Everyone has horrible dating stories from the time so and so set you up with that crazy blind date that ended badly. First dates sometimes go nowhere but lead to second, third, and lifelong relationships […]

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Unruly Children

The creation of life is a powerful force. Anyone raising children, regardless of religious beliefs, will get a good laugh at this refreshing take on Unruly Children.

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I Felt A Great Disturbance In The Force, As If Millions Of Sperm Suddenly Cried Out In Terror

Abstinence is the only true way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, disease, and several other negatively harmful affects of sex. The practice of safe sex is of the utmost importance and even Star Wars […]

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8 Posters For The Nerd In All Of Us

Everyone has an inner dork who feeds off of the cutesie, floaty heart feeling of falling for someone. Here are 8 Posters For The Nerd In All Of Us.

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10 Brilliant Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time for letting all of your demons out and playing tricks while gobbling treats. It’s also the time when some people really get creative with dressing up. Here are 10 Brilliant Halloween […]

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16 LOL Animal Pics

Animal lovers and pet owners agree that their critters can lighten even the darkest days. Here are 16 LOL Animal Pics certain to make you laugh!

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10 Charts About Sex

Just when you think you know everything you ever wanted to know about sex, someone comes along and changes your mind. The folks at OK Cupid have published more than you ever wanted to know […]

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Here’s Upside To Embarrassing Moments: They Make People Like You

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a reassuring report that our biggest public flubs actually improve others’ opinions of us! This is great news for people who frequently trip, let gaseous air slip, […]

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7 Awesome Skateboarding Animals

Skateboarding is generally reserved for gnarly dudes and chicks who defy gravity with a wheeled, conglomerate material deck.  Seeing a human on a skateboard is often spectacular but seeing an animal on one is definitely […]

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