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Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

Men and women have very different outlooks on the idea of friendship. It seems that women think that they can be just friends with members of the opposite sex and men always have ulterior motives […]

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It Was Such A Bad Movie…

Movies are a great way to pass the time. Good movies make life better. Bad movies make us value good movies more. Here’s a glimpse into the not so good films we’ve all wasted precious […]

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Better Names For Things

Life gets rather boring from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great if common, every day objects were renamed to add a little excitement into the mediocrity of daily life? Here’s a little bit of […]

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Self Defense Tips For Women

Ladies, take note: the quickest and most humorous way to disarm a hostile, aggressive man involves 3 steps. The first is to declare your love. The second is to suggest cohabitation. And the third is […]

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29 Disobeyed Signs

Sometimes a sign just seems like an invitation to break a rule. Especially if it’s a dumb rule. Here are 29 signs being blatantly disregarded.

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The 5 Best Toys Of All Time

With Christmas just around the bend, people are scrambling to determine what Santa will bring little ones this year. Given the present economy, one may want to get the most bang for his or her […]

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31 Photographs Comparing The Past To The Present

Pictures are great for capturing life’s memories and photographer Irina Werning has brought old memories back to life. Werning has collected a series of photos and recreated them using same conditions, subjects, and environments. Here’s […]

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12 Days of Christmas Now Has $100k Pricetag

If you were thinking about reenacting the 12 Days of Christmas song, you should know that it’s going to be more expensive than ever this year. To get the correct number of each item would […]

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The genius minds at Pleated Jeans have created some funny turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving. Combining the hottest, most popular celebrities, like Lady Gaga and the King of Pop, with our favorite fowl to bring […]

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Sexually Active Senior Citizens Are Happier

This should come as no surprise to anyone — sex makes people happy. Even old people. A new study reveals that married seniors who are sexually active once a month report happier lives and marriages.

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