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Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

My grandfather always said a man gets “one good woman, one good gun, and one good dog in his life.” There’s always an exception. Here’s Two Happy Dogs. I Hope They Brighten Your Day.

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Art Of Living

Growing up is tough. Growing wise is even more tough. Here’s a cute take on both subjects created by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics with the Art Of Living. It beats the alternatives, right?

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101 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes

Looking for a way to express your adoration for your sweetheart?? Look no further. You can shoot Cupid’s arrows a bit farther with a few special words. We’ve got the 101 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes.

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Kids On Dating And Marriage

Grown ups often underestimate the wisdom of the little folks but quite often, children know waaayyy more about life than most adults. Plus they’re funny as hell. Here’s a good laugh with Kids On Dating […]

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Draw a Stickman

Looking for a way to waste those last few minutes of work time before the weekend officially begins? Just draw a stickman, then do what he says. You’re welcome.

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21 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

The world’s favorite Hallmark holiday full of Cupid, chocolates, flowers, and lace (but only if you’re truly lucky), is a great way to express your adoration for a loved one. It’s also a great time […]

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What’s Your Blues Name?

The folks at Buzzfeed found a neat way to translate your initials into a cool a$$ blues name. If Skinny Gumbo Franklin is something you think you’d be into, check this out with: What’s Your […]

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Puppy Bowl VIII Starting Lineup

Meet the adorable starting lineup of Puppy Bowl VIII. Yes, the Puppy Bowl is back for its 8th year and this year there will be pig cheerleaders! Don’t miss it Sunday, Feb. 5, beginning at […]

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How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Allowing yourself to get bored is a good indicator that you’re boring. Doing your best to remain active, engaged, and adventurous is the key to not only living a fuller life, but perhaps even being […]

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Under A Rest

Laughter is strong medicine. Nothing is better than a good belly laugh compliments of silly puns, especially if they take a cheap shot at music or the blessed people who play it. Here’s Under A […]

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