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Your Life In Daily GIFs (5.14.12)

If you ever wished to find an image to perfectly compliment daily happenings from break ups to breaking your feet on legos, this one is for you. Pleated Jeans has a funny take on things […]

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The Mommy Test

There’s no arguing that Mother always knows best, even if you don’t completely agree with her. The relationship between a mother and her children is only matched by that between a father and his children. […]

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What To Do If Your Child Has Superpowers

Kids supposedly have a stronger sixth sense than adults but what would you do if your kid could fly like Superman? The folks at have the answers. Here’s What To Do If Your Child […]

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13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day

A million things can make a day bad but just one simple thing called laughter can turn a day completely around. As with everything, the difference between a good and bad day is just a […]

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Old People Are Funny

It’s hell getting old. And some of us are older than dirt. As with nearly every aspect of life, it’s good to laugh off the stuff that weighs us down. Like aging. Here’s Old People […]

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Cuddling With A Bear Seems Like A Good Idea

In the battle between Man vs. Grizzly, one man seems to rather enjoy defying the odds and testing his luck.. Using merely praise and his skills as a bear trainer/expert, Doug Seus shows how Cuddling […]

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Why Working From Home Is Both Awesome And Horrible

Work is work. It’s either really good for those few who truly love what they do and get paid to do it. Or it’s really not so good. Where you work has its advantages and […]

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Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust

The legendary Peter Pan once stated: “All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I… Yep, just a little bit of pixie dust” in the classic Disney film. Though life is nothing like […]

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Top Dog Names And Cat Names

Whatever kind of pet you have, chances are your Fluffy or Spot is one of the greatest animals in the world. If you are thinking about adding another feline or canine addition to your family, […]

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The 25 Species Of Coworkers

Work is a necessary evil full of all kinds of interesting people. Every workplace is comprised of different people plodding through and doing their best. Allhealthcare has created a field guide encompassing nearly every variety […]

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