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Animal Talk

There’s something seriously funny about “You’re kidding me!…No lion!” Here’s a collection of cute pics to tickle your giggle spot with Animal Talk.

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TV’s Best Confessions Of Love

The Daily What has a super-supercut of those delicate, hilarious, and quirky heartfelt confessions that make hearts sing with TV’s Best Confessions Of Love. Warning: you’ll feel float-y hearts-y after watching this.

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Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings

Philosoraptor is a one of the smartest and most hilarious memes on the planet. With profound and provoking questions, this meme is for thinkers. Here’s Philosoraptor’s 50 Wisest Musings.

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The Blarney Stone

Ireland’s Cloch na Blarnan or the legendary bluestone rock laid into a tower of the Blarney Stone Castle is said to offer people who kiss it the gift of gab, or the ability to swoon […]

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12 Dogs Waiting Patiently For Their Dinner

Man’s best friend will do anything for food, including manipulating their masters with their cuteness. Read more for the proof with 12 Dogs Waiting Patiently For Their Dinner.

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Celebrity Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are a staple of every craft kit but when famous images get googly all hilarious hell breaks loose. The genii at Celebrity Googly Eyes have created a laugh fest. Sit back, put your […]

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Questions Kids Always Ask About Animals

There are no dumb questions. Without questions there are no answers, right? Kids are great at endlessly asking questions and often leave their folks fumbling for answers, at a loss of words. Since the animal […]

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50 Cats That Sum Up Your Hangover Perfectly

Hangovers are the painful price one pays for a night of partying. Some recover quickly and some feel like the cats in the following pictures look. Here are 50 Cats That Sum Up Your Hangover […]

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Dog Quotes

Dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best four legged friends. With an often unmatched loyalty, unreserved love, and endless adoration, dogs may be the best companions on earth. To honor them, here is Dog Quotes.

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The 5 Stages Of Incessant Pop Music

Pop music is a like an ear disease you can’t get rid of. Supplicating to the masses, frequently devoid of valuable meaning, and generally bad for true music connoisseurs, pop is what it is. Oh […]

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