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Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor)

Just as females have “The Rules,” men have them too. Here’s a true and funny way to learn how to play fairly with Men Rules: Guide For Women (Humor).

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What Planet Are You From?

It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. If you’re one who thinks along the lines of demum in stellas simul ardebimus (or that one day we’ll all burn together […]

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30 Beautiful Baby Photos

Full of innocence and potential, babies may very well be the best things on earth. Capturing infancy in its finest requires impeccable timing since the littlest humans grow so quickly. Here’s 30 Beautiful Baby Photos.

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20 Puppies In Shoes

There’s something completely irresistible about puppies, especially when they manage to squeeze into footwear. Here’s 20 Puppies In Shoes. Awwww!

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Giraffe Funny Pics

Giraffes are ridiculously hilarious. These beautiful long necked beasts can make even the grumpiest people laugh. Here’s the proof with Giraffe Funny Pics.

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The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac

Cats are one of nature’s most adorable and mysterious creatures. The folks at Buzzfeed have monopolized on their cuteness by blending astrology and pics of these little furry beasts with The 12 Cats Of The […]

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The Overthinking Person’s Drinking Game

The justifications for having a cocktail or twelve range depending on how much a person thinks. If you think too much about everything, you’ll love The Overthinking Person’s Drinking Game.

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Courage Wolf

Memes are great for laughs, inspiration, humor, and generally conveying important messages. If your strength is a little shaky during difficult times, just look for Courage Wolf.

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Internet Proverbs

Proverbs have been spilling wisdom from words for ages. Since the advent of the digital age, proverbs have changed. Here’s a funny take on Internet Proverbs to liven up your Hump Day!

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Saving A Pet Might Just Save Your Life

When you’re sitting there snuggling with your furry, little loved one you probably aren’t thinking about all the physical and mental health benefits he or she provides you. Well, this infographic presented by Carlton Hobbs […]

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