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The Science Of Dogs

Dog owners and those who appreciate our canine best friends will love Cheezburger’s honest take on dog anatomy, the inner workings of their minds, and their funny behaviors. Here’s more with The Science Of Dogs.

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Pop Culture Finger Portraits

In my (somewhat limited) experiences, I’ve found that drawing a smile on a fingertip can brighten the day of nearly any person. The geniuses at Pleated Jeans have taken it a step farther with a […]

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10 Clever And Creative Costumes For Halloween

Harness your imagination or latch on to someone else’s for great ideas this Halloween. From Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally to the Gingerbread Man, Disney/Pixar lamps, and army men, the following 10 Clever And […]

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Pig Farming

Pig breeding may not be of any interest to you but without the fascinating creatures, the world wouldn’t have the gift of bacon. Since a day without laughter is a day not lived, pour a […]

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The Biggest Dogs In The World

If you’ve never been in close proximity to an over one hundred and fifty pound Great Dane, you haven’t fully lived. But you can get a similar experience by checking out the following pictures of […]

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What To Say When Someone Asks You About Your Age

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to grow old. As the years pass, many hesitate when its time to reveal their true age. Others don’t. Either way, you’ll get a chuckle out of the Oatmeal’s […]

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Preparing For The Wedding

It’s Friday. Hooray to that. Now lets celebrate with a cute, reality based joke regarding an older couple as they get ready to tie the knot and complete their wedding registry. Here’s Preparing For The […]

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25 Amazing Tattoos Inspired By Children’s Movies

If you’ve ever considered getting a little Goonies-style ink, this is sooooo for you. Here’s a collection of awesome pictures based in legendary kids’ films with 25 Amazing Tattoos Inspired By Children’s Movies.

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12 Animals That Want To Apologize To You

Apologies diminish in value the more that they are said. Generally it’s better to prevent having to say them by carefully weighing your actions and words. If you goof, however, sending someone this link is […]

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50 Hilarious Dogs In Wigs

Dogs are funny. As man’s best friend, they do a lot to keep us laughing. Here’s the proof with 50 Hilarious Dogs In Wigs.

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