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30 Pictures Of Dogs Beating You For Valentine’s Day

If people loved the way canines do, the state of holy matrimony would still be a mess. But it would be a lot more funny and slightly more romantic. With Cupid quickly lining his arrows […]

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Top 15 Funniest And Cutest Baby Videos

You may or may not agree but babies are truly the best stuff on earth. In all of their adorableness, they are beautiful, hilarious, and a sheer joy to humanity. Here’s the proof with the […]

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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

The Oatmeal has never been a site which holds back on straight shooting albeit hilarious truth. They’ve devised a great way to get more “likes” on Facebook and beyond with a simple approach one can […]

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Tiny Things

Throw on your reading glasses or just squint your way into a marvelous collection of miniscule things that are just neat. Here are Tiny Things.

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15 Funny Signs You’re A Mom

If you can’t wear black or white (or any color really) without being plastered with bodily fluids and food residue, and find that you hum the theme song of Dora The Explorer more than you […]

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17 Uncomfortable Moments Under The Mistletoe

Mistletoe hung where all can see sometimes renders seriously awkward moments between two people. Have a laugh at their expense thanks in part to convenient timing of a camera lens with 17 Uncomfortable Moments Under […]

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The 50 Best Animal Photos of 2012

Animal photojournalism gets us in touch with our wild side. And our hearts. Buzzfeed has a great collection of the best shots the furry and not so furry creatures we share the earth with. Here’s […]

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How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Hand turkeys are so kindergarten! Doodle yourself a better option by following the instructions for How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey. Gobble. Gobble.

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27 Heartwarming Photos Of Pets Rescued After Sandy

Coastal regions in New York and New Jersey were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. As both areas were evacuated, many residents had to leave behind their furry family members. Many survived. Here’s the proof with 27 […]

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18 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

Alright so you procrastinated. Or you’re broke. And you have only a few minutes to pull together a costume for Halloween. Learn from the following 18 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People to get ideas for […]

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