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The 10 Most Terrifying Guides To Sex is great for publishing content that is hilarious, mortifying, and absolutely scary. There is no realm left uncovered by the geniuses at Cracked and sex is no exception. Here’s a glimpse into the frightening […]

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What Does Science Fiction Tell Us About The Future Of Reproductive Rights?

Science fiction is a great way to consider all of the potential “what ifs.” Sometimes it’s a pleasant consideration. Sometimes it’s terrifying…especially for anyone who has ever read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Think about […]

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The Science Of Rubbernecking

There’s nothing like a hot mess to draw a crowd, or at least the attention of onlookers. Scientists have sourced the force behind “rubbernecking” or why people can’t NOT look at a disaster. Here’s The […]

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The Dark Side Of The U.S. Presidency

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “Great power involves great responsibility.” He would know as few are as powerful as the president of the United States. In honor of the past, present, and future presidents, we […]

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Death Clock

If you think age is just a number and time is meaningless, you may reconsider after checking out the following site. The Internet’s not-so-friendly-reminder of how very precious every moment of life is can be […]

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The 20 Worst Names

We’ve all been called a nasty name or twelve in the course of our lives but imagine how crappy your life would be if your name truly sucked. Here’s a list of The 20 Worst […]

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24 Hipsters on Strange Bikes

Hipsters love them some bikes. They have forums in which thousands upon thousands of hipsters vie for attention by posting images of the most bizarre, obnoxious, and impossible-to-ride bikes they can construct. Is it cool […]

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16 Really Weird Laws

The rules which govern society are in place to make the world a better place, or so one would think. Despite lawmakers’ attempts, some rules are so ridiculous they’re made to be broken. Here’s 16 […]

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10 of the Most Barbaric Modern Medical Treatments

Some amazing medical advances have been made over the years, but shockingly enough some barbaric practices have survived into modern medicine. Here is a look at 10 medical treatments that would seem to do more […]

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Hot Female Murderers You’d Probably Go Home With

Buzz abounds that the hottest chicks on the planet are genuinely out of their minds. And it’s the truly beautiful women who are bat shit crazy OUT of bed do bat shit crazy stuff IN […]

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