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Video Dump: Strange Addictions Will Make Your Drinking Problem Look Downright Boring

The great minds at The Smoking Jacket have scoured the earth to make your incredible, insatiable thirst for liquid oblivion seem like nothing. As it turns out, there are many more twisted habits, obsessions, and […]

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Headline Headscratchers

Headlines generally grab a reader’s attention and cut to the meaning of the information which follows. Every once in a while a headline is perplexing and makes you really wonder what the author is trying […]

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13 Awful Easter Bunny Family Photos

The Easter Bunny is one of the greatest creatures on earth. Responsible for delivering baskets full of confections, eggs, and plastic grass, the Easter Bunny makes many smile. And also makes kids, pets, and grownups […]

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life is the pits

What Your Armpit Hair Says About You

Life is the pits for people in different cultures who compare the underarm growth. Some people shave, some don’t. And they all look at each other differently. Here’s more with What Your Armpit Hair Says […]

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Pimp My Ride Gone Wrong

Pimped out cars can be cool, but just like everything else in life, there are people who take it too far… way too far. Here are some rides that have been pimped out to within […]

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These Trashy Weddings Look Fun (15 Pics)

Weddings are fun…it’s the marriage part that requires much more than fun. People get married in all kinds of places wearing all kinds of attire. Some ceremonies capture a glamorous fairytale essence and others capture […]

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Coffee Consumption Unrelated To Alertness: Stimulating Effects May Be An Illusion, Study Finds

Coffee drinkers beware: results of a 379 person study published in the online journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that caffeine raises blood pressure and increases anxiety. Researchers (led by Peter Rogers of the University of Bristol) found […]

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10 Most Degrading Reality TV Shows

There really isn’t much that’s not degrading about appearing on a reality TV show, but the worst of the worst is what people really want to see. This list excludes shows in which contestants must […]


23 Ridiculously Stupid Lawsuits

Did someone upset you, or hurt your feelings? Are you a sore loser? Or have you injured another person due to actions that where wholly and undeniably your fault? If so, there’s great news for […]

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A Review of 8 Hard Drugs (By Taking Them)

Drugs are the blanket that covers everything. Feeling sad or angry? Take some drugs; it’ll make you feel better. Feeling happy and adventurous? Take some drugs — it’ll make you feel better! Most of us […]

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