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What’s it like to be a woman?

While there are certain things the two sexes can understand about eachother, one thing is for certain: when it comes to relationship dynamics and the way it all “feels” trying to understand the opposite sex […]

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The Perfect Football Fan

Football is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. What’s becoming increasingly popular, as of late, is fantasy football. OneUp Games has developed an app called, Football Connect, that allows fantasy gamers […]

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North Korea Says It Has Discovered A Unicorn Lair

Unicorns were supposedly something of mythical legend until recently. A historical institute in North Korea has stepped forward with reports that the country is home to “a rectangular rock carved with the words ‘Unicorn Lair’” […]

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10 Most Extreme Cases Of OCD In History

The world’s greatest minds often walked the line between sheer genius and absolute madness. Many had underlying psychological issues which affected their daily lives. One of these issues is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – or OCD. Here […]

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Is The Federal Government Preparing for Civil War?

Earlier this year you may have heard bizarre reports that various federal agencies like the Social Security Administration and Homeland Security were buying up millions of rounds of ammunition. This caused some to speculate that […]

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Man Sold Wife To Finance Drinking

Medula Rajender, a man who had trouble paying his drinking debts in Chandurthi, Karinmanger, apparently attempted to settle the deal by hocking his wife of 20 years, Medula Ammayi on October 13, 2012. The couple […]

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Facebook Psychology

The internet and social media plays a big role in our every day life for most of us. Some people spend hours a day on the internet, whether it be for work or fun. However, […]

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Could Your Stuff Be Haunted? Ghostbusting The Creepiest Antiques

Collector’s Weekly has an interesting look at supposedly haunted objects – from porcelain dolls to Ouija boards – that have totally freaked people out just by touching them. By examining not only the stories behind […]

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100 Orgasms A Day: One Woman’s Agonizing And Rare Medical Disorder

In “Oh…oohh..myy…my…” news, forty four year old Kim Ramsey of New Jersey (and hailing originally from the U.K.) has a rare medical condition which triggers at least 100 orgasms a day. Diagnosed with Persistent Genital […]

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‘Binders Full Of Women’ Memes Hit The Internet After Mitt Romney’s Presidential Debate Comment

Your vote for this year’s President (or re-election) matters. What it boils down to is which candidate best supports your political and personal beliefs. Use the write-in option (not that my opinion holds any weight.) […]

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