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Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents

If you’ve never heard your youngster say “I watched you snore last night,” and not been a little disturbed by not only the confession but also the fact your child was lurking around in the […]

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Manchester Museum Puzzled By Ancient Egyptian Statue Which Mysteriously Turns Itself

In “Holy sh*t, that thing moved…did you see that??!” news, administrators at the University of Manchester’s Museum are trying like h-e-double-hockey-sticks to determine why and how a Neb-Sanu statue measuring just under one foot in […]

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7 Workouts Almost As Nuts As Prancercise

We all agree: women do wacky things to shed extra pounds and firm up. Some women go to extremes with dangerous, crazy exercise regimes. Check out 7 Workouts Almost As Nuts As Prancercise.

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Top 7 Geeky Bathroom Designs

Calling all geeks! Would you like to have a geeky bathroom? Check out this list to see the top seven geeky bathroom designs.

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The Ugliest Pets In The World

Imagine having a face that only a master or mistress can love. That’s something on the ugly meter. Now what the hell were the owners of these creatures thinking? Here’s a collection of The Ugliest […]

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Strange Album Art Choices, From the Yeah Yeah Yeahs To GNR

Karen O and her band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just wrapped a trip to the studio and completed tracks for the upcoming release of their fourth album, Mosquito. The good news is, in advance of […]

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10 Most Bizarre Looking Sharks On Earth

Sharks are mainly mysterious creatures of the sea that are largely fascinating to humans because of the things we don’t know about them. The sharks we are familiar with are a bit terrifying. And just […]

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Top 10 Animal Discoveries Of 2012 – Shocking, Bizarre, And Amazing

Everything under the sun has been done or so it seemed last year. Scientists made a few awesome findings throughout the world. Here’s some of them with the Top 10 Animal Discoveries of 2012 – […]

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‘Chaos:’ Gunman Ambushes, Kills Two Firefighters At New York Blaze

Residents of Webster, NY, and much of the U.S. are mourning the losses of their community members following a bizarre shooting incident with sixty two year old William Spengler. The convicted felon apparently “lured” fire […]

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Avoid Outrageous International Mobile Expenses

Ever been hit with extreme charges on your cell phone bill? Imagine traveling to another country and trying to pass the time by watching a movie on your smart phone. Did you connect to Wi-Fi […]

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