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Ridiculous FBI List: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…

FBI agents in Colorado created “potential indicator[s] of terrorist activities” and distributed a list to military surplus stores to help wrangle terrorists.  Actions like paying in cash, demanding identity privacy, and appearance alterations may raise […]

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10 Dumb Urban Legends

Some great writer stated that a rumor has wings but a scandal has legs.  So it makes sense that bad news travel fast, especially in the form of urban legends.  Here’s 10 Dumb Urban Legends, […]

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11 Bizarre Or Shocking TV Deaths

Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized parting of ways from CBS’ Two and A Half Men leaves his character dead per the latest gossip…it’s just a question of how.   Though writers for the hit show have yet […]

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10 Bizarrely Inappropriate Children’s Products that Somehow Hit the Shelves

Despite the fact that most parents put an awful lot of time and effort into selecting only the most suitable and age-appropriate toys for their children, companies seem hell-bent on putting out products whose inappropriateness […]

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17 Real Life Mysteries

There is a world of incredible mysteries around us, all of which are amazing. Science and history just add to wonder and weirdness of the world around us. These 17 mysteries are all very real, […]

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19 Ultra Nasty Hotels

Anyone who’s traveled to third world countries know that nasty hotels can be the norm. But even the wealthiest countries in the world have some of the nastiest hotels around. Check out this list for […]

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The Coolest Man in the World

Some people think that this title should go to the guy featured on those Dos Equis commercials. But in reality, the award really goes to this guy!

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Larry Bird Fan of the Year

Larry Bird had millions of fans during his career with the Boston Celtics. One of them decided on a very interesting way to pay his proper tribute.

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Take That Teacher!

Nobody likes being yelled at, especially school aged children by their teachers. But instead of throwing a spitball at his teacher, this 13 year old boy decided on a slightly different form of revenge.

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School District Rewars Bus Drives With Liquor

Being a school bus driver is certainly a thankless job. Not only do they have to deal with the perils of the road, they also have to oversee a bus full of bratty kids. Truly, […]

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